Speaker Resources

Thank you for agreeing to speak at an upcoming FICPA program. We know that preparing for a presentation takes considerable time and thought. We have developed guidelines to help us both succeed in achieving our common goal of providing CPAs with the best possible professional education.

Electronic Materials


All materials for FICPA events will be provided electronically to speakers and attendees. These materials will be posted in a password protected area of the FICPA website, and are only accessible by event registrants.

The materials will be accessible one week prior to the conference and approximately eight weeks after the conference. All speakers are required to review and sign the Author Release Form.

Presentation Material Guidelines


The due date for your materials has been set to allow for sufficient time for FICPA to review, compile, and upload them for attendees.

Please remember it is your responsibility to obtain and provide us written permission to provide any copyrighted materials within your presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint


  • Detailed outlines may include citations, supplementary articles, forms, checklists, charts, etc.
  • Please do not number the pages.

Speaker Credit Hour Guidelines


For new or updated presentations, speakers can receive CPE credit for speaking based on a 50 minute CPE credit hour.

If you are claiming credit in a state other than Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or New York, please check with the appropriate State Board of Accountancy for credit hour guidelines.



Meeting rooms are generally set classroom style with middle and side aisles. Larger attended conference may utilize crescent seating for general sessions. A lectern microphone and lectern are provided, and presentations are loaded onto a FICPA laptop prior to the program. For greater mobility during presentations, a remote control is available.

Contact the FICPA Conference Team to reserve additional equipment.

Conference i/o


The FICPA is pleased to announce its use of Conference i/o during select sessions. This is an interactive, web-based software designed to engage conference participants is a variety of activities including polling and Q & A.

Attendee Training Guide

Here is a link to our Best Practices Guide which includes a template announcement script and other helpful tips & tricks

Here is a link to our New Training Guide for Moderators. It is a great step-by-step walk through that will help moderators learn how to use the product.

Reimbursement Policy and Form


As a membership organization, the FICPA is committed to controlling costs and appreciates your consideration of policies. Please review Expense Reimbursement Policy,  which addresses expenses incurred while serving as a speaker for FICPA sponsored programs, prior to any reimbursement requests.

Speakers requesting reimbursement should:

  • Submit reimbursement request within two weeks (14 days) of the meeting. Request for reimbursements will not be honored if submitted more than 30 days after the day of the event. The FICPA’s fiscal year ends on June 30.
  • Submit receipts and/or other substantiation for each expense as they are required with the Request for Reimbursement Form. Please note, Form 1099s sent by the FICPA will not reflect reimbursed expenses.
  • Know that reimbursement requests for out-of-pocket expenses is limited to the cost of transportation and one night's lodging, meals and tips subject to per diem rates in area.. Cost of phone calls, cleaning, entertainment, and other incidental expenses will not be reimbursed.
  • Submit one reimbursement request per course/meeting.



Air Travel
Reimbursement for airfare is limited to the coach rate plus 1 bag fee or its equivalent. Airline tickets should be purchased no less than 30 days prior to the date of travel. If FICPA is forced to cancel a program, the airline cancellation charge will be reimbursed. Please limit checked baggage to one piece; receipt for baggage fee is required.

Car Travel
Reimbursement for auto transportation is limited to round trip mileage at the approved IRS rate, parking, and tolls. If car rental is necessary, reimbursement will be limited to time surrounding presentation. Mileage is not reimbursed if rental vehicle is used for transportation.

Proof of mileage is required (i.e. MapQuest or Google Map directions)

Ground Transportation
Reasonable ground transportation between the airport and the hotel is reimbursable. FICPA will not reimburse for the use of private car services unless prior approval has been received or the rate is comparable to the cost of regular ground transportation in the area. Speakers should always use hotel shuttles where provided. Should the host hotel provide ground transportation the speaker is expected to utilize the service.



Reimbursement for meal expenses should not exceed the U.S. General Services Administration Per Diem rates (lunch is provided). If receipts for meals exceed the per day per diem for the conference location, FICPA will adjust the reimbursement accordingly. Speakers are encouraged to take advantage of the meals provided at programs. Individual meal receipts are required.



FICPA will reimburse overnight accommodations at FICPA’s negotiated rate (plus tax and Service Charge) for the host hotel for one night. Additional nights must be preapproved. The speaker is responsible for making the reservation at the hotel. Should the speaker choose to stay at another hotel, the reimbursement amount will not exceed FICPA’s negotiated rate (plus tax and service charge) for the host hotel. The speaker will be responsible for the difference and FICPA will adjust the request for reimbursement to reflect that rate.



All presentation materials will be available on the FICPA website as a PDF accessible only to attendees and speakers of the event. If a speaker brings additional handouts to the event, he/she is responsible for any expenses associated with reproduction and delivery of materials to the site.



What time should I arrive? Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your sessions.

How was my presentation? We’ll send you feedback collected from attendee surveys within a month of the event.

What should I wear? Business attire is recommended.

Do I have to register for the program if I am speaking? As a speaker, you will receive complimentary registration to attend the entire program.