On behalf of the CPA profession is the cornerstone of the FICPA's mission, and member involvement is crucial to ensuring CPAs count in the political process.


How the FICPA Advocates for You

  1. Membership-Driven Legislative Advocacy: When the profession needs changes in statute, we take those ideas and make them happen legislatively. We develop and advocate in support of FICPA’s legislative priorities in Tallahassee​. 

  1. Defending and Protecting the Profession: We are your eyes and ears in the Capitol for any legislative or regulatory changes that would potentially impact the profession. We identify and oppose/amend any legislation that could negatively impact the CPA profession. 

  1. Legislative Monitoring: We ensure that all bills filed and moving through the legislative process​ are appropriately reviewed, tracked, and monitored on behalf of the FICPA membership. With our real-time tracking, we keep you informed of everything you need to know.  

  1. Political Relationships and Outreach: We do all the politics, so you don’t have to. We maintain and build key relationships​ within the Florida political process and stay at the forefront of political news and trends statewide. We make sure the CPA profession is respected and is a force to be reckoned with in Florida politics.  

  1. Local and Grassroots Advocacy: At the end of the day all politics are local. We drive and promote grassroots efforts for our members within their legislative districts and connect FICPA members with their legislators to advocate for priorities. 

  1. Your Voice During Disasters and Emergencies: We provide updates and assistance to FICPA members requesting key tax filing extensions with the Department of Revenue (DOR), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in the wake and aftermath of hurricanes and natural disasters​. 

  1. Legislative Communications: As a FICPA member you will know what is happening in the state Capitol. We provide clear communications and updates to members through Legislative Updates, Capitol Brief videos, Capitol Connection video calls, Advocacy Alerts, local legislative presentations, and much more coming soon.


FICPA Governmental Affairs ​ 
We have your back! 

We are the ONLY organization that protects your license. 

Legislative and Advocacy Resources

                  Educate & Inform
Our Legislative Updates brief you on activities
impacting the CPA profession in Florida. Webinars,
Legislative Town Halls, and Session Reviews give
you in inside scoop on topics of interest to the


           Support from the Florida CPA/PAC
Support the election of candidates through the FICPA
Political Action Committee (CPA/PAC), a bipartisan, member-driven
committee representing CPAs in public practice, industry,
and government. The FICPA CPA/PAC is the only PAC
that represents you and the CPA profession in Florida.





How FICPA is a Constant Resource for our Members

Legislative or Regulatory Questions?

We're here to answer your questions about:

  • Current and new Florida laws.
  • Agency Rules (Board of Accountancy, Department of Revenue, Auditor General's office, etc.)
  • Other state legislative or regulatory issues.

Get involved as a Key Person Contact (KPC)

The FICPA has more than 300 KPCs who serve as an information network, both transmitting information to legislators and reporting information about proposed or pending state legislation to the FICPA. KPC contacts are CPAs who have developed a relationship with their local Florida legislators and recognize that relationships can make a difference in the legislative process. At the end of the day, no one tells your story as well as you. Strong grass roots support from our members with local relationships is key to our successful advocacy program.

Register to Become a KPC

To share your thoughts and insights on legislative and regulatory issues of concern to you, contact FICPAs Governmental Affairs Team.

For general questions or information, contact us via email. To specifically reach one of our Governmental Affairs Team, please email to the following:


Jason Harrell
Chief External Affairs Officer

Legislative & Regulatory Issues
Board of Accountancy
Florida CPA Political Action Committee


Lauren Henderson
Deputy Director of Governmental Affairs

Legislative & Regulatory Issues
Advocacy Communications
Florida CPA Political Action Committee


Brayden Harrell
Legislative Affairs & Governance Manager

Legislative & Regulatory Issues
Advocacy Communications
Florida CPA Political Action Committee