The FICPA Vision

A thriving and future-ready accounting profession that powers the success of Florida businesses and the communities we serve.  

The FICPA Mission

To protect the value of the CPA license, promote the accounting profession, educate and enrich the professional excellence of the members we serve, and innovate through forward-thinking leadership.

What We Value

  • Members, who are the reason for our existence
  • The respect and recognition of the CPA designation
  • Our volunteers and staff
  • Integrity, competency and ethics
  • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion within the profession
  • Collaboration through trusted relationships
  • Promotion and facilitation of life-long learning
  • Acting as trusted stewards of our members' investments
  • Dedication to continued membership growth
  • Fostering leadership development
  • Communicating actively with our stakeholders
  • Building on diversity & inclusion as an ongoing commitment
  • Being a leader in actively pursuing regulatory and legislative reform
  • Involvement in our communities as trusted financial advisors