FICPA Advocacy

The FICPA serves as your liaison with various legislative and regulatory agencies in Florida. Your Governmental Affairs team helps develop annual proposed legislative and regulatory policies, monitors state legislation and regulatory actions, lobbies on behalf of the FICPA, and communicates changes to FICPA members.


FICPA Advocacy at Work

To keep FICPA members better informed about the Institutes' advocacy efforts, the Governmental Affairs Department will air a series of legislative and regulatory updates. Throughout these updates, we'll highlight the importance of our members to the FICPA's advocacy program. Learn more about our advocacy at work.

Florida CPA/PAC

For our legislative efforts to succeed, we need the voice and participation of our members.  The Florida CPA/PAC is an entity completely separate from the FICPA. The objective of the Florida CPA/PAC is to help protect the trust, confidence and esteem the CPA certificate holds in the public's eye. Learn more about the FICPA CPA/PAC.

Legislative Tax Guide

Prepared specifically for members of the Florida Legislature, the “Legislative Tax Guide” assists lawmakers in preparing their various income tax returns. Although the guide is an excellent reference tool, it is not meant to be used as the sole basis for final decisions regarding a particular tax situation. Each situation may vary from the guidelines and examples detailed within this guide. As a result, we suggest that any decisions made regarding any unique situation be made after consulting with a Certified Public Accountant. View the tax guide.

Governmental Affairs Team

The FICPA Governmental Affairs team represents you in Tallahassee with full-time lobbyists. Your lobbying team tracks a host of state legislative issues affecting the accounting profession, usually over 200 bills each legislative session. It is our goal to support the FICPA's mission to "monitor and actively participate in the public-policy making process." Meet the team.