About FICPA Connect

Enter FICPA Connect:  An online community that allows you to ask and respond to questions, collaborate, stay up to date, and share exclusively for members of the FICPA. 

Here are some of the features of FICPA Connect:

  • Discussion Forums
  • Email Notifications
  • Ability to reply to posts via email
  • Group Resources
  • Group News
  • Group Events
  • Group Links
  • Private Messages
  • Personal Blogs
  • Facebook Feeds
  • Rich User Profiles
  • And more!

How To Connect

  1. Become a FICPA member if you are not already. 
  2. Log into FICPA Connect at http://www.ficpa.org/connect by using your current FICPA.org username and password.
  3. Update your profile and photo by clicking My Profile.
  4. View groups you're in by clicking My Groups.
  5. Join some Groups by clicking Find Groups to Join.
  6. Start a discussion by clicking Post New Discussion from the Discussions tab of any group.
  7. Reply to a discussion by clicking Reply… from within the discussion online OR by replying to a discussion email notification.

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