No CPA Is An Island

Much of what it takes to succeed as a CPA involves forging and cultivating the right professional relationships. From local meet-ups with your chapter to involvement on a committee, your participation not only moves the profession forward, but can also open up new opportunities and possibilities. So put the “P” back in “CPA” and get involved!

FICPA Connect

FICPA Connect
Your Online Community of Fellow CPA Professionals

FICPA Connect is an exclusive online community that allows FICPA members to ask and respond to questions, collaborate, stay up to date, and stay in touch with public forums as well as private messages. We look forward to connecting with you!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Get Involved And Help Us Make A Difference

Volunteering with the FICPA is one of the best professional development experiences you can have. By contributing your time and talent, you are not only furthering the profession as a whole, but also expanding your connections and sharpening your leadership skills. Join us and see why our volunteers are the heart of FICPA.

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Networking At The Local Level

Local chapters provide excellent opportunities for building referral business, sharing best practices, and keeping abreast of important political agendas. They can even help you develop leadership skills that segue into statewide institute Committee, Board and Council positions. Get involved in your local chapter today!

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Find A CPA

Access Our Public-Facing Directory

FICPA Members can opt to be included in this fully searchable index of local CPAs. Results can be filtered by industry, County, services offered, and even foreign languages.  

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