The voice of the CPA profession in Florida politics.

In 2001, the Florida CPA/PAC was separated into three geographic regions. Each chapter is "nested" into one of the three regions. Members are assigned to one of the three regional CPA/PACs based on geographic location:

North - includes 11 chapters
Central - includes 9 chapters
South - includes 7 chapters


Contributing to the Florida CPA/PAC helps protect the trust, confidence and esteem the CPA certificate holds in the public’s eye. For your contributing convenience, we provide an online form where you can use your debit or credit card.

Contribute Now

However if you prefer to contribute by check, please mail your contribution to:

Florida CPA/PAC
250 S. Orange Ave, Suite 300P
Orlando, FL 32801


As a member of the FICPA, you have the opportunity to recommend a candidate running for the Florida House of Representatives or the Florida Senate. To do so, please have the candidate complete and return a Candidate Questionnaire.

The FICPA Governmental Affairs staff will research and review all information on the candidates and provide the information to the trustees of the Florida CPA/PAC for further discussion.

For more information please call the FICPA’s Governmental Affairs Department at (850) 224-2727, or email

Campaign Finance Information

Who runs the FL CPA/PAC?

Its responsibilities and activities, with the exception of its day-to-day administration, are directed by a Board of Directors. Directors are geographically disbursed and politically balanced between Republicans and Democrats. All directors must be members of the Florida CPA/PAC and must be committed to analyzing candidates and promoting the Florida CPA/PAC. The directors must be sustaining members and serve without compensation.

What does the FL CPA/PAC do?

The objective of the Florida CPA/PAC is to help protect the trust, confidence and esteem the CPA certificate holds in the public’s eye. Voluntary contributions to the Florida CPA/PAC will be used to support candidates running for the Florida House, Florida Senate and Florida Cabinet who will be educated and able to make a difference in Tallahassee when bad public policy is proposed. 

How does the Florida CPA/PAC work?
Contributions are made at various times during a two-year election cycle. Contribution decisions are based upon careful research during the election cycle supplied to the Florida CPA/PAC trustees by the FICPA Governmental Affairs staff. Information is gathered from the following sources:
  • Recommendations from local CPAs;
  • Interviews with potential candidates;
  • Assessment of the candidate’s position on issues of importance to Florida CPAs, or an incumbent legislator’s past performance on issues related to the CPA profession; and
  • Evaluation of the “electability” of the candidate: the strength of the opposition, the candidate’s need for funds, and examination of voter registration in each legislative district.
  • In addition, staff works in cooperation with other pro-business lobbying organizations to gather information on potential candidates.

How do I become a member?

The Florida CPA/PAC has a proud tradition of success in support of business-minded candidates. Help us continue to ensure the strong presence of the CPA profession in legislative and regulatory activities by supporting the Florida CPA/PAC in one of the following five membership categories:

  • Trendsetter: $500 or greater (eligible for a CPA/PAC golf shirt & gold lapel pin)
  • Pacesetter: $250 (eligible for a CPA/PAC golf shirt & gold lapel pin)
  • Committee of 100: $100
  • Sustaining: $50
  • Active: $25

Contributions or dues to the Florida CPA/PAC are voluntary and are not a requirement for membership in the FICPA. Contributions to the Florida CPA/PAC are political contributions and are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Please make checks payable to Florida CPA/PAC. For more information please call the FICPA’s Governmental Affairs Department at (850) 224-2727, or email

Why should I get involved?

To ensure that the accounting profession continues to have a strong presence in Florida’s legislative and regulatory activities, as many individuals as possible must be involved in the political process. A key factor in determining the strength of the accounting profession in Florida’s political arena is the strength of the Florida CPA/PAC.

If we are not helping to elect candidates who are friendly to the CPA profession, someone else will support candidates who may not be interested in protecting the integrity of the CPA license. A donation from a PAC with approximately 18,500 members carries much more weight than an identical donation from a 10,000-member PAC, or even an identical donation from an individual. It’s a simple equation…PAC=CPA. Without support from the PAC, the CPA designation is at risk in Florida.

Who can be a member?

The Florida CPA/PAC is supported solely by the voluntary contributions. Currently, each FICPA member is asked to make a minimum voluntary contribution of $25 per year. However, any member of the general public may apply for membership in the Florida CPA/PAC. A contribution to the Florida CPA/PAC is the fastest, simplest, most efficient way to get involved in the political process and its positive effects on the CPA profession.

Legislative or Regulatory Question?

Do you have questions about:

  • Current Florida laws
  • New Florida laws
  • Agency Rules (Board of Accountancy, Department of Revenue, Auditor General's Office, etc.)
  • Other state legislative or regulatory issues

Get answers to your questions from the FICPA Governmental Affairs team. Send your legislative or regulatory questions to