Young CPA Corey Adams explains why you should join our Day of Service

The FICPA's annual Day of Service sees CPAs across Florida engage in service projects to give back to their local communities.

This year's Day of Service, scheduled for May 15, is already looking for volunteers! Remember, you can either join a colleague's project or start your own in your area, benefitting a cause of your choice.

One of our Young CPAs, Corey Adams of Reilly, Fisher & Solomon, was nice enough to share some thoughts on his first Day of Service experience from last year, when he volunteered with Feeding Tampa Bay.

Corey Adams

Tell us a bit about why you got involved and how you chose a project.

Corey: I had just joined the Young CPA Committee, and they mentioned that the Day of Service was a great way to get involved with the community. I also wanted an opportunity to connect with other like-minded CPAs in the Tampa area. When I saw the email come through, advertising the event, it was a no-brainer, and I was able to easily sign up with Feeding Tampa Bay.

When you look back, what did you take away from the experience?

Corey: I had never participated in the Day of Service before, as I had just gotten my CPA in August 2019. It was a great experience and truly humbling to see just how many people we were able to help and how much they truly appreciated it. Being a CPA, working with mostly wealthy clients, you can lose a sense of reality as to how many people are struggling and how far just a little help will go.

What would you say to someone who hasn't volunteered before or is on the fence about joining for the first time?

Corey: To someone who hasn’t volunteered before, I would say, absolutely, do it. It feels great to be able to help the community and to meet others who are looking to do the same. The FICPA also makes it very easy, as they help coordinate with the project leader and get you all the information you need.

To get started, visit our Day of Service page, fill out an application to start your own project, or reach out to Monica Davila at  for more information. We hope to see you on May 15!

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