FICPA CEO Conversations: Shelly Weir, Lorie Gleim and Erin Buss

The latest edition of CEO Conversations features a pair of leaders with expertise in preparing accounting students and Young CPAs for what's ahead.

Lorie Gleim is the CEO of Gleim Publications, the industry leader for CPA Exam prep, and Erin Buss is the Executive Vice President of Development & Strategy at Southeast Trust Company and the discussion facilitator for our upcoming Bridge the Gap Conference at MEGA 2022.

Our FICPA President & CEO Shelly Weir recently sat down with Lorie and Erin to discuss how to:

  • Strengthen the CPA pipeline
  • Make the profession exciting to students
  • Equip Young CPAs with the soft skills they need to grow and succeed
  • And how to mold the future leaders of our profession

Click on the player above and enjoy the conversation.

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