Legislative Visits

Legislative visits are a grassroots effort to encourage chapter and firm members to become involved with FICPA’s governmental affairs programs.  Chapter officers are asked to consider scheduling a legislative visit each fiscal year.

This program is an effort to facilitate relationships between FICPA members and current legislators from their area.  This legislative visit will help update members about legislative and regulatory issues currently affecting the profession in both Florida and on the national level. 

We believe this grassroots chapter involvement will be ultimately beneficial to the FICPA’s overall legislative efforts and enhance members’ understanding of the legislative and regulatory process.  Most of all, it will give members the opportunity to meet with and ask questions of local legislators who will be making decisions in Tallahassee on issues affecting the CPA profession in Florida.

Ideally, these visits would be the most informative during the months of May-December following the legislative session and just prior to the next legislative session.  Legislative Chapter Visits typically include one or two hours of Technical Business CPE presentations on state legislative issues or other pertinent issues relating to the profession. In addition, legislators from the area are invited to speak to during the visit.

Representative Clovis Watson visits North Central Florida Chapter


Legislator Chapter Visit Information


We encourage FICPA chapters to get involved in this grassroots effort. To do so, we are asking your chapter to help with one of the following goals:

Goal #1: Schedule at least one of your monthly chapter meetings to have a legislative visit from a local State Senator or State Representative. Your chapter members will meet the legislators who are representing you in Tallahassee and making decisions on the regulation of the CPA profession in Florida.

Goal #2: Schedule a legislative update from FICPA governmental affairs staff. You will hear an update on legislative and regulatory issues affecting the CPA profession in Florida from your lobbying team in Tallahassee.

Many CPAs already have personal relationships with members of the Florida legislature. These CPAs act as liaisons between the FICPA and state lawmakers creating a line of communication to not only relay technical and general information regarding legislative issues, but to hand deliver contribution checks to candidates the FICPA supports. Now, we would like your local chapter to help with this effort!