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Raymond Kevin Cross

Raymond Kevin Cross, CPA, MST, EA

Fraud lecturer, Author, and Counselor
Kevin Cross, CPA
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If the old adage "it takes one to know one" has an ounce of truth,  then the insights gained from our speaker will hold some valuable lessons for your practice.

Just as the FBI utilizes the knowledge of former criminals, this is your opportunity to glean from a convicted fraudster.  

Thirty years ago he was the mastermind behind a large embezzlement scheme from the Broward County sheriff's department where he worked as an accountant for the notorious Cuban cop Sheriff Nick Navarro. 

As chronicled in his book "Embezzlement, a True Crime Story", Kevin Cross learned the error of his ways and became a CPA, the only CPA in the state of Florida and Georgia with such a background. He started, lead and sold a successful accounting practice after 17 years. 

Today Kevin is a licensed CPA, author and financial counselor who uses his wit, wisdom and unique insight to lecture on fraud, mentor, advise, and teach on the ethical use of money.