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Sanjay Deo


24By7Security, Inc
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Sanjay Deo is Founder and President of the consulting firm 24By7Security, Inc. and a global authority on Cybersecurity and Compliance. He has 30 years of experience in IT Security and Compliance. He is a Cybersecurity Evangelist and has spoken on various topics like "Compliance is not Security" and "A Cybersecurity Tsunami is coming, are you ready?". 

At 24By7Security, the corporate mission is to advise clients on building a defensible platform in the face of rising direct and indirect Cybersecurity and Privacy incidents due to increased cybercrime, regulations, and legal action. Company clients include global healthcare, financial services, media & entertainment, travel and cruise, and industrial and government sectors. Sanjay is a big proponent of the mantra "Don't Risk IT, Secure IT" and focuses on proactive cybersecurity management. Sanjay conducts Executive Briefings to Board members and C-Suite management levels on topics like phishing, ransomware, and related subjects. Sanjay also acts as "Breach Coach" when necessary and has assisted multiple clients with ransomware negotiations and remediation.