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Shawn J McCabe

Shawn J McCabe, MSA, MBA, CFP

CPAlliance Director
CPS Investment Advisors
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After serving 10 years of active military service and completing a combat tour in Afghanistan, Shawn started his career in financial planning and investments in 2007. Joining the industry at the beginning of the "Great Recession" allowed him to quickly learn that the stock market can be unpredictably cruel, and at the same time, extremely rewarding to those who stayed the course. Also, during that time, he and his clients became an invaluable part of each other's lives. They relied on him to get them through the worst markets in years. He learned more about life, trust, perseverance, and the undeniable need for clients to have genuine and executable plans. 

As a Financial Advisor and the CPAlliance™ Director with CPS Investment Advisors, Shawn's passions and profession are aligned. He gets to enrich and grow the CPAlliance™ program, by helping CPAs become CPA financial planners and teach them how to help clients achieve or protect their financial independence. His ability to understand and breakdown the most complex problems, along with his broad professional experience, uniquely equips him to be the perfect coach, mentor, and trainer for the CPAlliance™ members, as well as, advise clients on how to achieve and protect their financial independence. 

When he's not helping CPAs and clients plan and execute, he can be found spending time weight lifting (or binge watching the next great Netflix series) with his wife Amy, playing guitar, and singing worship tunes with Emma, watching Isabella make pyramids with her water ski team, or rooting Ethan on as he plays Lacrosse for his high school. 

Shawn earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and an MBA from Saint Leo University. He earned a Certificate in Financial Planning from Florida State University and became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional in 2011