Analyzing Client Retirement Data

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2.5 Credits

Are you ready to help your clients set realistic expectations and goals? In this four-part narrated PowerPoint presentation, Tom Tillery will examine Key assumptions and risks, Modeling techniques, Taxation and income tax planning, and Integration with other areas of PFP. Personal financial planners have numerous techniques available to estimate what financial independence looks like in their client's personal financial plan. This course will look at several of these techniques; as well as address taxation and income tax planning issues and strategies, and the integration of financial independence planning with other areas of personal financial planning.


  • Recall the definition of inflation.
  • Calculate the required beginning date for an IRA distribution.
  • Distinguish between longevity and mortality risk.
  • Distinguish among the various models for financial independence.
  • Identify the most appropriate security for a tax-qualified account.
  • Identify gifts that are not tax-qualified.
  • Recall the requirements of a qualified charitable distribution.
  • Recognize a trust that provides asset protection for heirs.

Major Topics

  • Key assumptions and risks
  • Modeling techniques
  • Taxation and income tax planning, and
  • Integration with other areas of PFP

Designed For

CPAs and financial planners with basic knowledge of, and interest in, personal financial planning

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