Cash Management Strategies

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1.5 Credits

Much of the personal financial planner's work involves asking the right questions to better understand a client's financial situation and to provide the client with accurate information. As the personal financial planner, you will want to have a fundamental understanding of the time value of money concepts, as well as the competent use of a financial calculator or time value of money software, to help your clients establish realistic financial goals.

In this CPE course, we cover Assumptions, Time Value of Money and Calculator and Cash Management Strategies. Fundamental to all PFP engagements are the assumptions to be used in the personal financial plan. Using established financial ratios, such as the housing expense ratio, the debt-to-income ratio, and the savings rate ratio, you can facilitate the creation of the personal financial planning client's spending plan, which is the basis for many of the recommendations in the PFP process.


  • Recognize a personal financial planning service.
  • Recall the strategic tool used to identify fundamental personal financial planning goals.
  • Identify a statistical measure of the change in prices for a set of products.
  • Select the alternative name for the interest rate used in determining present value.
  • Calculate an inflation-adjusted return.
  • Recall an assumption used when calculating serial payments.

Major Topics

  • The amount of emergency reserves that need to be maintained
  • The amount of life insurance coverage necessary for survivors
  • The amount of money to set aside for financial independence or retirement
  • In this course you will learn to apply these concepts to create a financial plan, help your clients implement it, and help them reach their goals of financial independence and a comfortable retirement.

Designed For

CPAs and financial planners with basic knowledge of personal financial planning, and an interest in retirement and estate planning.

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