Ethical Issues

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2.0 Credits

Not-for-profits (NFPs) are in the public eye and often held to a higher standard than for-profit businesses. Unfortunately, NFPs are not immune to ethical scandals and failures, which often play out in the media with attention from legislators and regulators. This CPE course offers you detail-rich examples and interpretations that will help you apply proven techniques to address ethical challenges and create governance practices to create a culture of ethical management.


  • Recall some of the most common ethical challenges faced by NFPs.
  • Identify policies and practices that promote ethics in an NFP environment.
  • Determine strategies an NFP's board and executive management can establish to promote a culture of ethical management throughout the entity.

Major Topics

  • Establishing a culture of ethical management and "tone at the top"
  • Reputational risk management
  • Managing conflicts of interest
  • Executive compensation practices
  • Ethical fundraising
  • Employee policies
  • Volunteer management

Designed For

CPAs, financial professionals and NFP staff and board members looking to deepen their existing knowledge of NFP financial responsibility, and set themselves apart as a leader in this field
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