Cybersecurity in Focus

What CPAs Need to Know

A 2021 survey of FICPA members revealed that issues related to cybersecurity, such as keeping up to date with changing technology and the security of clients' financial data, ranked among the top five industry challenges faced by Florida CPAs. In December 2022, to further understand these challenges, the FICPA partnered with Dr. Valrie Chambers and Dr. William Sause of Stetson University to launch a second online survey: Cybersecurity in Focus.

This survey, targeted to firm leaders, sought to answer two key questions:

     1. How prepared are CPA firms to mitigate their firms'
         cybersecurity risks?
     2. To what extent are CPA firms - particularly sole
          proprietors, small, and mid-sized firms - preparing 
          to consult in cybersecurity?

The 20-question survey conducted from Dec. 4, 2022, through Jan. 15, 2023, received 75 responses. Firm sizes ranged from sole proprietors to those with as many as 2,000 employees.

The research team analyzed the data and presented the academic paper, Analysis of Cybersecurity Preparedness of FICPA Members, at the 2023 ORLANDO International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference in May. This whitepaper, sponsored by Coaxis International, explores key findings from the study.

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