North Dade / South Broward Chapter

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Carshena Allison
(305) 947-1638

Washti Bajnath
(954) 435-4310

Michael Barnett
(305) 662-7272

Winsome Anderson
(954) 404-0948

CPE Chapter Liaison
Fernando Torres

Region VI Representative
Angela Florez
(305) 868-3600

Staff Representative
Debra Kelly
(850) 224-2727

Board of Directors

Cheryl Balaban
Mark Bernstein
Marcie Bour
Joan Cleveland
Alan Harriet
Bonnie Mackey
Gina Masses-Valera
Chris Moreno
Nadine Olmann
Steven Samuels
Gary Saslaw
Raul Serrano, Jr
Marc Wexler


Welcome to the Florida Institute of CPAs North Dade / South Broward Chapter page. Here you will find information of upcoming events involving our chapter.

Our chapter is committed to the accountancy profession through education, training and community involvement. Our members provide outstanding service to public and private institutions as well as individuals.

Please contact any one of our chapter officers if you have questions or need more information, and I look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Upcoming Events
10/07/2015 How Not to Become a Victim of Crime/ Fraud, Identity Theft and Internet Safety - GO100715 Dania Beach
10/15/2015 Industry Rndtable: SBA Financing - Advanced Financing Solutions you probably haven't heard about! - GO101515 Dania
10/22/2015 November Fest in Coral Gables - YC102215 Coral Gables
10/27/2015 MAP Roundtable: October 2015 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO102715 Dania
10/29/2015 November Fest in Fort Lauderdale - YC102915 Fort Lauderdale
11/06/2015 Tax Roundtable: November 2015 - Raul Serrano, Jr, CPA - GO110615 Dania
11/19/2015 Industry Rndtable: Conquering Chaos Through the Power of Written Procedures - GO111915 Dania
11/24/2015 MAP Roundtable: November 2015 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO112415 Dania
12/04/2015 Tax Roundtable: Dec 2015 - Raul Serrano, Jr, CPA - GO120415 Dania
12/17/2015 Industry Rndtable: Improving Performance & Results - GO121715 Dania
12/22/2015 MAP Roundtable: December 2015 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO122215 Dania
01/08/2016 Tax Roundtable: Jan 2016 - Raul Serrano, Jr, CPA - GO010816 Dania
01/26/2016 MAP Roundtable: January 2015 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO012616 Dania
02/05/2016 Tax Roundtable: Feb 2016 - Raul Serrano, Jr, CPA - GO020516 Dania
02/23/2016 MAP Roundtable: February 2016 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO022316 Dania
03/04/2016 Tax Roundtable: March 2016 - Raul Serrano, Jr, CPA - GO030416 Dania
03/22/2016 MAP Roundtable: March 2016 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO032216 Dania
04/26/2016 MAP Roundtable: April 2016 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO042616 Dania
05/06/2016 Tax Roundtable: May 2016 - Raul Serrano, Jr, CPA - GO050616 Dania
05/24/2016 MAP Roundtable: May 2016 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO052416 Dania
06/03/2016 Tax Roundtable: June 2016 - Raul Serrano, Jr, CPA - GO060316 Dania
06/28/2016 MAP Roundtable: June 2016 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO062816 Dania

Save the Date

Upcoming Round Tables:
Industry(10/15)- SBA Financing-Advanced Financial Solutions You Probably Haven't Heard About (2 hrs TB), Speaker: Vic Leibofsky, Relationship Manager- Suntrust Bank 
MAP Roundtable(10/27)
All Round Tables meet at the Sheraton Hotel, Ft Lauderdale Airport, SE Corner of I-95 & Griffin Road
Self Parking is free with validated ticket
Monthly CPE/Dinner Meetings: 11/4, 12/2

Scholarship Recipients
From right to left – Ed Foundation recipients and with FICPA Members - Ron Thompkins, Kiara De Jesus, Rummesa Abar, Gary Margolis, Jeff Greene, Rummesa’s mother, Paula Villafane, Nadine Olmann and friends.