North Central Florida Chapter

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Marie Dennis
(352) 378-2461

David Christie
(352) 392-5475

Ash Elkotaney
(352) 372-8225

Loretta Keegan
(352) 372-6300

Region II Representative
Alan West
(352) 392-1321

Staff Representative
Debra Kelly
(850) 224-2727

Board of Directors

None at this time.

Message from The Chair

I'm sure everyone is looking forward to a little down-time after busy season. Please plan to join us on May, 15th at 2:30pm for our Ethics CPE. We will also be electing a new slate of officers. We look forward to seeing you!


Marie Dennis
Chair, North Central Florida

Upcoming Events


The FICPA North Central Chapter Nominating Committee has nominated the following officers for the 2014-2015 year. Elections will be held at the monthly meeting on May 15, 2014.

Chair: David Christie
Chair-Elect: Lori Keegan
Secretary: Ruthie Jo Popp
Treasurer: James Humphries
CPE Liaison: Lori Keegan


Marie Dennis

According to FICPA Policies and Procedures, Section VI (4), any one percent (1%) of Voting members of the Chapter may petition and submit supplemental nominations for Officers and/or Board of Directors, provided that such nominations be filed with the Secretary at least twenty days prior to the date of the election of officers. Notice of such supplemental nominations shall be provided by the Secretary to all Voting members at least ten days prior to the election of Officers and Board of Directors.