Women's Leadership

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The Women’s Leadership Committee strives to promote growth, advancement and recognition of women in accounting through professional development, mentoring and recognition through the Women to Watch awards.

Some of the approaches we use to accomplish this goal are:

  • Develop and host the Women in Leadership Summit as part of the FICPA Mega Conference that provides practical information and enhances leadership skills for development and growth.
  • Present the AICPA Women to Watch Awards at the Women’s Leadership Summit.
  • Continue developing the mentoring program which is available to all FICPA members. The next mentoring opportunity will begin in July 2016.
  • Develop and enhance the website resources for women’s initiatives.
Women in Leadership Committee Members
  • Penelope Boyd-Gear - Chair
  • Elizabeth A. Frisbie - Vice Chair
  • Sarah K. Funk - Board of Governors Director
  • Tavara K. Andrews
  • Mirtha T. Carballo
  • Yvonne M. Clayborne
  • Marianela Collado
  • Lena G. Combs
  • Jessi E. Engelhard
  • Melissa Fleitas
  • Tarsha R. Jacobs
  • Ellen L. Joseph
  • Kimberly A. Juda
  • Monica M. Kirkland
  • Karen A. Lake
  • Ana K. Long
  • Christie M. Owens
  • Antoinette Patterson
  • Canita G. Peterson
  • Arlene Ravalo-Jao
  • Bethanie Roberts
  • Jessica V. Shellard
  • Dara M. Simon
  • Barbara B. Strasdas
  • Annelise M. Triana
  • Caridad Vasallo