On-site Training FAQ

Image: On-Site Training

  1. Is there a non-member fee for staff attending who are not a member of the FICPA?
    No, we do not charge a non-member fee for on-site training.

  2. Do I need a minimum number of attendees to schedule an on-site training session?
    Yes, we recommend at least 10 attendees.

  3. Can the FICPA customize the course content to my firm’s training needs?
    Yes, that can be done through conversations with representatives from your organization, the FICPA, and the instructor.

  4. Who do I contact to schedule my on-site training?
    Please contact our Professional Development Coordinator.

  5. How long are the on-site training courses?
    They can range from just a few hours, to more than a day depending on the course selected.

  6. How will attendees receive CPE credit for attending the on-site training session(s)?
    This can occur in several ways. 1) The FICPA will provide attendance verification form(s) and submit CPE credit to the Florida Board of Accountancy; or, 2) The sponsoring firm can verify attendance and submit credit using their sponsor code with the Florida Board of Accountancy. Either way, the sponsor will receive the attendance verification information for their CPE records and non-Florida CPE requirements.

  7. Who is responsible for coordinating the classroom space, facility access, food and beverage, and audiovisual?
    The organization is responsible for on-site logistics and should designate a contact person.

  8. How much advance notice do I need to schedule an on-site training session?
    A minimum of two to three weeks is requested prior to the class date. This will allow adequate time to contact a speaker and coordinate schedules and material.

  9. Who provides the materials? Are they paper-based or electronic?
    FICPA will provide all materials. Save $5 per manual and receive materials via secured email and print in-house.

  10. Is there an opportunity to provide evaluation feedback?
    Yes, we encourage all attendees to complete an end-of-course evaluation form to provide feedback on the instructor, materials, and course content. We also request the sponsoring organization to give us feedback on the course delivery as well as the On-Site training process.

  11. May we use our own instructor(s) to teach the course?
    Yes, if you have qualified content experts or facilitators in-house, you may use them. Our training materials are available “off-the shelf” for your use.

  12. Before we commit, may we read about the qualifications of each instructor?
    Visit our On-site Education Leaders page to read more about our instructors.