Thank you to our 2022 CPA Day of Service volunteers

The FICPA would like to extend its gratitude to everyone who participated in our 2022 CPA Day of Service!

This past Saturday, more than 100 individuals came together to take part in 15 different projects across Florida.

These service leaders represented the best of our profession's volunteer spirit and embraced the opportunity give back to their local communities. 

Scroll down for a quick look at each project and a list of volunteers!

Alachua Habitat for Humanity


3 (3).jpg
  • Organizer: Andre Cox (McDavid, Jones & Company, CPAs)
  • Volunteers: Andre Cox, Will Jones, Melissa Jones, Tavara Andrews, Nishauntae Johnson, Isabella Concepcion

Cape Coral Animal Shelter

Fort Myers

  • Organizers: Jess Walker and Krista Casteel (Markham Norton Mosteller Wright & Co.)
  • Volunteers: Krista Casteel, Tami Cindrich, Chase Cindrich, Julio Barina, Amber Klappert, Tim Klappert, Sarah Marcenat, Kristine Tacca, Landon Tacca, Lori Woodward, Angela Cooley, Joni Norton, Debbie Thompson

Challenge Enterprise / Food for Clay County

Fleming Island


Organizer: Kathlyn Jordan (The Nichols Group, PA)

Volunteers: Stella Lyman, Kathlyn Jordan, Catherine Liddy, Esther Nichols, John Nichols, Paul Bucci, Paul Lui, Starr Keating, Alayna Summanen

Habitat for Humanity


1 (2).jpg
  • Organizer: Nicole Peterson (Kerkering, Barberio & Co.)
  • Volunteers: Nicole Peterson, Kegan Masi, Jordan McCalla, Cheri Chavez

Habitat Hillsborough Home Build


IMG-1579 (1).jpg
  • Organizers: Jennifer Keller (Crowe LLP) and Neemie Chery (Dearolf & Mereness LLP)
  • Volunteers: Neemie Chery, Evaristo Palmer, Jennifer Keller, Zach Paget, Aaron Nelson, Kyle Gosiewski, Justin Twigg, Tyler Levy, Matthew Saucier, Molly Duvall, Jorge Yanez, Jesse Tomlinson

Habitat Hillsborough ReStore


  • Organizer: Stacie Everhart (Taylor White)
  • Volunteers: Stacie Everhart, Melissa Maier

Humane Society


  • Organizer: Tim Raines (Patrick & Raines)
  • Volunteers: Tim Raines, Chelsea Swanson, Lynn Barwell, Christian French, Samantha Willis, Sophie Keiser

Keep Pensacola Beautiful


  • Organizers: Megan Van Horn and Kaitlyn Sanderson (Anglin Reichmann Armstrong PA)
  • Volunteers: Valeriia Dvoriadkina, Megan Horner, Alex Archer, Kaitlyn Sanderson, Sonia Santa Cruz, Tabetha Helms, Morgan Helms, Amy Heatherington, Kathy Davis, Fanny Starzmann, Gloria Buice

Project Downtown

Fort Lauderdale

5 (1).jpg
  • Organizer: Alex Welsh (A-LIGN)
  • Volunteers: Elizabeth Jackson, Anthony Weisler, Heber Rojas, Alex Welsh, Brian Rohl, Karen Greaves, Carlisha Jenkins, Matthew Leto, Nikhita Ahmed, Kristin Eisenga, Lendl Tookhan, Emily Ray, Jordan Ilan Lombard, Robert Millwee, Cuong Le, Danielle Dasilva, Cameron Frazier, Rummesa Abrar

Ronald McDonald House Charities


FICPA JC RMH7 052122.jpg
  • Organizers: Gary Olberding (OA Research Group, LLC) and Dan Kolbenschlag (Grant Thornton)
  • Volunteers: Gary Olberding, Keith Jones, Chris Loudy, Veronica Brown, Leslie Welsh

Salvation Army

Fort Lauderdale

IMG-5474 (1).JPEG
  • Organizer: Kathryn Horton (Kathryn K. Horton, CPA)
  • Volunteers: Kathryn Horton, Andrew Mann, Christian Calabro, Carolina Pulgarin, Giancarlo Berrocal, Nadine Thomas, Cindy Hiers, Dian Wang

Second Harvest Big Bend


Organizer: Katelyn Wonsock (Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC)

Volunteers: Juanpablo Sullivan, Tracy Kessler, Jeannine Busch, Jessica Coates, Katelyn Wonsock, John Kiebel

Unlocking Children's Potential Charter School


Organizer: Kristin Kalley (Nelson Financial Planning)

Volunteers: Kristin Kalley, Ryan DiLeo, Natalie Russell, Jason Watkins, Edwin Rodriguez Perez, Michelle Stewatd

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