Section Steering Committee Meeting Friday, July 17, 2009

Valuation, Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services

In attendance: Debbie Adkins - Chair, Bob Lynch, Brett Cooper, Scott Steadman, Kim Autrey, Robert Baldree, Lillian Conrad, Robin Lennon, Arlene Ravalo-Jao (by phone)

The meeting was brought to order at 9:00am by Debbie Adkins.

  1. Introductions.
  2. Discussion of Current Resource Council
    • At this time there are 16 members on the Resource Council.
    • Are there any new members we should be considering
    • Consider members from larger firms because they have more/better resources.
    • Lack of participation at this meeting could be because of conflict with CFE conference this week and ASA conference next week.
    • Consider a second live meeting to be held the day before the VFALS Conference in January or perhaps prior to the Annual Show in September.
    • Members were tasked with considering additional individuals for the Resource Council and submit to the Steering Committee. They will review and look at possible additions.
  3. Membership Recruitment and Retention
    • Members reviewed the Decision to Volunteer excerpt.
    • Discussion on what everyone gets out of being a part of the Section and Leadership.
      • Networking; professional resources; collaboration (sole proprietor perspective); promoting and improving quality of service in the profession; community.
  1. Discussion of Leadership Roles
    • Debbie Adkins recommended that we ensure that all future chairs will commit to a 2-year term.
    • Steering Committee should be thinking now about their future leadership roles (chair/vice chair) and their commitment to ensure a smooth transition from year to year.
  2. Strategic Plan
    • The Steering Committee agreed that we should focus on one of two key goals this year.


Strategic Plan Updates:

Goal 1
Objective 1 Arlene provided an update on the Web site. She has developed a new resource list for keeping the website updated. Each Steering Committee member is assigned to a subject area and have volunteers from the Resource Council to assist in providing/securing content.

The current list of volunteers was reviewed. Areas still requiring resources were discussed and suggestions were made to fill those gaps.

Lillian Conrad volunteered to contact Advisory Board members to see if they would be willing to act as a 2nd/backup resource.

A discussion of the responsibilities of the Steering Committee members is for content. 1) to review content submitted for posting and 2) to provide additional content. It was agreed that the various sections of the Web site should be reviewed at least every two months to ensure that content is timely.

Discussion of how we get new content:

  • Solicit via Listserv and monthly Section newsletter

Arlene to schedule a conference call with Task Force to coordinate steps from here to generate content.

Objective 2 Robin Lennon stated that people are reluctant to post on the Listserv due to potential litigation issues and concerns that posts could be used against them. Posts made to the Listserv are typically responded to privately by individuals.

Suggestions to increase activity include:

  • Promote anonymous posting.
  • Does language need to be added (i.e. Code of Ethics) to ensure safety
  • Consider making all posts anonymous to encourage more discussion.
  • Staff to resend Listserv instructions to Section, perhaps there is confusion on anonymous post vs a reply, see if we can add a button post reply anonymously .

Motion by Bob Lynch to continue with Objective 2 as stated. Seconded by Debbie Adkins. All members agree. Motion carried.

Objective 3 Lillian Conrad reported the objective was somewhat successful this past year. Marcie Bour had great success with the Gold Coast Chapter. Her leadership role in the Chapter helped tremendously. Brett Cooper requested a catalog of topics to use in other chapter events. Scott Steadman indicated that there is very little activity in the Jacksonville Chapter in general. It was agreed that we should take the program that Marcie has had success with and expand into other chapters.

Motion was made by Robin Lennon to keep Goal 1, Objective 3. Seconded by Lillian Conrad. All members agreed, motion carried.

Objective 4 Discussion regarding the copyright of editorial content submitted to FICPA for Florida CPA Today articles.

Motion was made by Lillian Conrad to remove Objective 4.

In continued discussion all agreed that if we want to recruit new members and support the Section that we need to provide content for our members via the magazine.

Motion to remove Objective 4 was withdrawn.
Motion was made by Robin Lennon to revise Objective 4 to state: As requested, members will seek authors to produce articles for Florida CPA Today magazine and CPA NetLink and to also remove strategies 3-6.

Motion seconded by Bob Lynch. All members agree. Motion carried.
Objective 6 Discussion of whether this is still a viable objective.

  • Last two surveys showed less than 35% would purchase a listing. Note that total Section membership response to surveys in general was less than 5%. Feasibility study is outdated
  • Cost anticipated to be covered by sponsorship
  • Would be a tool for attorneys.
  • Original distribution method was intended to be hard copy
  • Debbie spoke with Cathy Boykin regarding distribution at FL Bar show. Costs involved to distribute at the conference. Options include tabletop not necessarily a booth; perhaps sponsoring a session and distribute then
  • Agreed that print is better than electronic for attorneys.
  • Request was made to conduct a survey at the 2010 VFALS Conference regarding interest in the directory.

Motion was made by Robin Lennon to remove objective for this year as the project is not deemed as feasible at this time. Motion was seconded by Bob Lynch. Arlene Ravalo-Jao opposed the motion but a majority vote carried and the motion carried.


Goal 2
Objective 1 Hold the 2010 VFALS Conference.
Motion was made to maintain Objective except for Item 3. Motion was seconded by Debbie Adkins. All members agreed. Motion carried.

Objective 2 Explore feasibility of providing additional/different CPE offerings to VFALS Section
Motion to remove was made by Bob Lynch. FICPA is managing these offerings from a variety of resources. Motion seconded by Debbie Adkins. All agree. Motion carried.

Objective 3 Develop liaisons with appropriate sections of the Florida Bar.
Motion to revise objective was made by Robin Lennon. Objective to read: By June 2010, monitor relations with appropriate sections of the Florida Bar. Motion was seconded by Arlene Ravalo-Jao. All agreed. Motion carried.

Goal 3
Objective 1 Comment to the FICPA on legislation, rulemaking and other issues
Staff is working with Governmental Affairs to determine the status on the determination of charging liens. Staff will also follow up on the work papers in litigation services to find out what, if anything happened with this item.

Motion was made by Debbie Adkins to continue Objective with Lillian Conrad as Objective Coordinator. Motion was seconded by Bob Lynch. All agreed. Motion carried.

Goal 4
Objective 1 Develop Section Task Forces
Motion was made by Debbie Adkins to maintain Objective as is. Motion was seconded by Bob Lynch. All agreed. Motion carried.

Objective 2 Review VFALS Leadership Succession Plan
Steering Committee discussed having a tabletop display manned by Steering committee/Resource council members during VFALS conference. This would be similar to previous years when staff was able to man a table and demonstrate Web site, etc.

Motion was made by Debbie Lynch to maintain Objective with revisions to resources. Motion seconded by Bob Lynch. All agreed. Motion carried.


At this time the floor was opened for proposals of any new goals/objectives for 2009-10. None were brought forward.

A question was raised as to if it would be possible to get notification of recent ABV designees. This could be a good recruitment tool. Staff will research availability of this information.

Meeting dates for 2009-10 were discussed. It was agreed that conference calls would be held bi-monthly. Calls will begin in August and will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9:00am. Staff will send out meeting notices for all meetings.

Staff discussed CPE s request for technical review of educational content as well as submission of articles for Trend Alerts. Additional discussion on these items will be included in the August conference call.

With there being no further business, a Motion to Adjourn was made by Debbie Adkins. Seconded by Bob Lynch. All agreed. Motion carried.