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Photo Gallery: Thank you to our 2021 CPA Day of Service volunteers

We at the FICPA would like to extend its gratitude to everyone who participated in Saturday's CPA Day of Service!

More than 75 of our members teamed with their friends, families and colleagues, completing nine different service projects across the state of Florida.

Remember, together we can lend our hearts and our hands to make a difference in our local communities across the state. For more information about Young CPA and student initiatives, please contact our Emerging Professional Managers, Jennifer Allen or Monica Davila, at or 850-224-2727. 

Scroll down to view pictures from the weekend, the list of completed projects, the names of our member volunteers!











Projects & Organizers

  1. Restore Global in Bradenton: Led by Chris Baum (Purvis, Gray and Company)
  2. Project downtown in Fort Lauderdale: Led by Kathryn Horton (Kathryn K Horton CPA, PA) 
  3. Alachua Habitat for Humanity in Gainesville: Led by Will Jones (McDavid, Jones & Company)
  4. United Way of Miami-Dade in Miami: Led by Luis Rumbaut (BDO) 
  5. South Lakeland Babe Ruth League in Mulberry: Led by Matt Treskovich (CPS Investment Advisors) 
  6. Keep Pensacola Beautiful in Pensacola: Led by Megan Van Horn (Anglin Reichmann Armstrong, P.C.) 
  7. Museum of Arts & Sciences in Port Orange: Led by Carrie Boynton (James Moore & Co.) 
  8. Capital City Youth Services in Tallahassee: Led by Tim Icardi (Thomas Howell Ferguson) 
  9. Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County in Tampa: Led by Jennifer Keller (Crowe) 

Thanks You to All Our Volunteers!

  • Corey Adams
  • Karen Aquino
  • Kimberly Atwood
  • Chris Baum 
  • Carrie Boynton 
  • Cindy Brysn 
  • Daria Bushueva 
  • Meagan Camp 
  • Valrie Chambers 
  • Jessica Coates 
  • Andre Cox 
  • Brenda Currul 
  • Jose Delgado 
  • Rebeca Denahan 
  • Juliana Diaz 
  • Kristy Dolbeck 
  • Faith Duncan 
  • Jordan Ede 
  • Melissa Feasel
  • Peter Fleck 
  • Sean Gerald 
  • Ivan Gnatyshyn 
  • Kyle Gosiewski 
  • Wendy Hamilton 
  • Rick Haughwout 
  • Debi Hedtke 
  • Marie Hibert 
  • Kathryn Horton 
  • Tim Icardi 
  • Rebecca Ingle 
  • Shelley Jackson 
  • Bianca Javier 
  • William Jones 
  • Melissa Jones 
  • Janice Kaplan 
  • Jennifer Keller 
  • Tracy Kimbrough 
  • Mary Kimbrough 
  • Stephanie Kimbrough 
  • David Kimbrough 
  • Susan Knapp 
  • Karen Lake 
  • Jason Landess 
  • Karen Lean 
  • Uschi Macero 
  • Melissa Maier 
  • Judith Maier 
  • Tiffany Mangold 
  • Roberto Martinez 
  • Else Mathis 
  • Shawn McCabe 
  • Ethan McCabe 
  • Julian Mejia 
  • Gregory Miller 
  • Ben Moon 
  • Steve Morehart 
  • Justyna Mueller 
  • Daniel Page 
  • Zachary Paget 
  • Dennis Paleveda 
  • Sweta Patel 
  • Luis Rumbaut 
  • Kaitlyn Sanderson 
  • Matthew Saucier 
  • Vicky Sickles 
  • Annette Suarez 
  • Lillian Swanger 
  • Dale Telfer 
  • Chris Terrigino 
  • Nadine Thomas 
  • Matt Treskovich 
  • Corinne Turcotte 
  • Andrew Turner 
  • Megan Van Horn 
  • Eduard Villacorta 
  • Patricia Walker 
  • Dian Wang 
  • Jason Watkins 
  • Alex Welsh 
  • Cathy Wilder 
  • James Wiseman 
  • Katelyn Wonsock 
  • Kelly Zalneraitis 
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