Outlook - Transfer AutoComplete Addresses to a New Computer

Outlook - Transfer AutoComplete Addresses to a New Computer

Outlook's AutoComplete feature is a great timesaver. It allows you to type in the first few letters of a contact in the address field and it will show you what names with those letters you've previously e-mailed. However, if you get a new computer you'll lose all of the addresses and will have to build them up again unless you transfer them over. Here's how you do it.

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. You need to be able to view hidden files, so open My Computer (if you're using Vista, go to Computer).
    • Go to the menu bar (if you're using Vista, press the Alt button on your keyboard to get the menu to appear).
    • Click Tools and select Folder Options.
    • Select the View tab.
    • Under Hidden files and folders make sure the Show hidden files and folders radio button is selected. Also, make sure the Hide extensions for known file types checkbox is unchecked.
    • Click OK.
  3. From the My Computer window (again, Computer in Vista) browse to your profile folder in the Documents and Settings directory (if you're using Vista, your profile folder will be in the Users directory.).
  4. Open the Application Data directory, followed by Microsoft and finally, Outlook.
  5. Look for the file with an .NK2 extension. This is where the AutoComplete info is contained. Copy the file to the location that contains the exported Contacts, Email, Calendar, etc.
  6. On the new computer, go to the desired user profile directory (as in step 3), and go to Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook and paste the .NK2 file

Now, when you want to send an e-mail from the new computer, the previous AutoComplete Addresses will show up.

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