Managing Outlook's Sometimes Overzealous Auto-Complete Feature


Microsoft Outlook stores e-mail addresses typed into the ?To? field whether they are correct or incorrect. For example, if a user accidentally types in ? instead of ?,? Outlook will store this e-mail address and try to auto-complete the incorrect address into the e-mail field the next time the user tries to send an e-mail to this person. Designed to save users time, the auto-complete feature can sometimes cause the wrong message to go to the wrong person.

If you trigger the auto-completion box while in Outlook and notice an incorrect e-mail address, follow these steps to remove it:

  • Press the ?down arrow? button on your keyboard until the incorrect e-mail address is selected.

  • Hit the ?Delete? button on your keyboard.

Sometimes the auto-completion box is not automatically displayed. For these cases, Microsoft has a developed a work-around to fix this. To view the work-around, please click here.