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Kristin Bivona becomes 94th Chair of the FICPA

The Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA) is pleased to announce that Kristin Bivona began her one-year tenure as Chair on July 1, 2021.

“I am honored to serve the FICPA and its members during a time of transition and opportunity. Advocacy is at the heart of the Institute. We work day and night to advance our industry’s interests, advocate on our member’s behalf and protect CPA licenses,” said Bivona, managing partner of GellerRagans.

A Fort Lauderdale native and a lifelong Floridian, she first joined the FICPA in 2005, having earned both her bachelor’s degree in accounting and MBA from her beloved alma mater, the University of Central Florida. She has since served on the Central Florida Chapter, various state committees, the Florida CPA/PAC, the AICPA Governing Council, the FICPA Council and the Board of Directors.

“I can think of no better leader than Kristin during this time of tremendous opportunity and transformation for the FICPA,” said outgoing Chair W.G. Spoor, partner at the St. Petersburg-based accounting firm Spoor Bunch Franz. “I have had the pleasure to work alongside Kristin for over five years, and I am proud to say that both the future of the FICPA and our profession are bright with leaders such as her at the helm.”

Bivona, alongside FICPA President & CEO Shelly Weir, will help oversee the Institute’s move to a new Orlando-based headquarters.

"Kristin's dedication to the Institute and CPA profession is unmatched," said Weir. "I congratulate her on beginning her tenure as Chair and look forward to working with her in the coming year, as we focus on connecting with our valued members across the state."

Kristin is excited to work alongside fellow Board and Council members to accomplish the Institute’s mission. 

The FICPA is recognizes its 2021-22 Board of Directors – Hector Aguililla, Valrie Chambers, Lydia Desnoyers, Julian Dozier, Jennifer Gunter, Kathryn Horton, Alan Jowers, Key O’Keefe, Brion Sharpe, and Jennifer Keller (YCPA advisory member; non-voting) – and its 2021-22 FICPA Council members – Kathleen Brothers, Randy Coleman, Eduardo Duarte, Abby Dupree, Michael Dupree, Delia Finnerty, Andrew Gay, Anne Marie Hicks, Mike Jerman, Bill Kaser, Karen Lake, Robert Maya, Kristian Nenov, Chris Oatis, W.G. Spoor, Chris Stemley, Cheri Swain, and Leslie Welsh. Shelly Weir serves as the FICPA Council’s Secretary-Treasurer, a non-voting member of Council.

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