FVALS Committee meeting March 8, 2011


FVALS Committee meeting
March 8, 2011

Attendance: Robin Lennon, Arlene Ravalo, Paul Dumm, Sandy Perez, Robert Baldree, Marcy Bour David Isley, Bill Thomas & FICPA section staffer Stephanie Thomas

Discussion topics

  • Getting more & newer/younger committee members.  Current membership is 1,093, representing an increase of 153 from last year.  These new members should be targeted for becoming involved in the Section committees.
  • The dates for Committee Days.
  • Resource Council, Steering Committee & general committee membership needs to be identified as to how members get on each.
  • Arlene gave an update on the website resources and will coordinate with Stephanie for further activity.
  • Items to be included in the April meeting:
    • Update on contacting prospective new committee members & getting firms to assist in identifying prospects.
    • Update on Steering Committee vs. Resource Council membership.