Easily Fix Red Eye in Photos for Free


Fixing red-eye using Photoshop or other desktop software like Picasa is pretty easy, but it requires that you have that software installed on your computer. If you want an online program that can effortlessly remove red eyes in your photos, you should use FixRedeyes.com.


This application is free and easy to use. As the user, you don’t have to install anything on your computer. It’s a perfect cloud-based system for repairing red eyes .

With FixRedeyes.com, all you have to do is upload the image you want to fix, select the eye region, and click the fix button. It can fix red eyes within seconds.

This application has two additional tools — tolerance and zoom level. With these features, you can set how the program’s algorithm will work on your pictures.

Let’s now begin using this application. First, go to http://www.fixredeyes.com. You can use any browser you want. It’s compatible to almost all major Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.

This is the program’s main interface.

main interface

The next step is to click the browse files button.

browse files

Look through your directories and select the photo you would like to fix. Your picture’s file size should not be greater than 2 MB.

select photo

Wait for the system to finish uploading your image. Depending on your Internet connection and the size of your photo, the uploading will take approximately 20 seconds to complete. When the uploading is done, you can restore the picture.

FixRedeyes.com has two unique features you can utilize. The first tool is tolerance, which has a default value of 50. With this function, you can set the precision algorithm of the red-eye fixing. As a tip, don’t increase the tolerance level to more than 60 — high tolerance means less accuracy.

Zoom level
, on the other hand, lets you zoom in and zoom out the uploaded picture.

tolerance zoom

If you’re done setting tolerance and zoom level, place the DRAG ME square box to the area of the eye you want to refurbish.

drag me

You can use DRAG ME multiple times. This way, you can retouch red eyes of several persons in a single photo.

select red-eyes

After selecting the red eyes region, press the fix it! button.

fix it

Wait for the process to finish. Within seconds, the red eyes effect will be corrected.

red-eyes fixed

If you’re not satisfied with the result, you can always click the undo button. However, if you’re satisfied with it and want to save the result image, press download.

undo button

You’ll then be asked to save the file in your local directory.

download file

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