Designed For: Designed for Business and Industry Financial Professionals

Product Code: SMART-IND

Category: Various

Vendor: SmartPros

Format: **Online**

Price: $324.00 members, $399.00 non-members


FICPA/SmartPros Industry Package
For Business and Industry Financial Professionals
FICPA/SmartPros Industry Package enables CPAs in business and industry to earn up to 96 credits annually and features 48 new two-hour video courses each year (four every month) and has more than 18 months of archived courses available.

Topics include*:
" Accounting
" Auditing
" Business Law
" Economics
" Finance
" Management
" Management Advisory Services
" Taxes

*Excludes Ethics

You will receive 2 emails after registering for this CPE subscription. One email will contain the receipt for your course purchase and the other (to arrive within 1 business day) will provide instructions on how to access and log in to the SmartPros system.