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Anthony Long


Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting
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Anthony is a Principal and Partner with Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting.  He leads the Strategic, Operational and Supply Chain Consulting Division.  In this role, he has assisted multiple organizations with strategy and business plan development, practice representation, and provider alignment initiatives.

In addition to strategic and alignment initiatives spanning employment to professional service agreements, to gainsharing and clinical co-management agreements, Anthony specializes in cost savings initiatives involving supply chain management efforts across physician preference items. 

Anthony has over 25 years of consulting and senior leadership experience.  Previously, he served as Director of Healthcare Strategy with Navigant Consulting and led the Cardiovascular Consulting Division.  He also served as an Executive Vice-President of Paragon Health, significantly growing the company’s service line and supply chain revenue and services prior to the firm being acquired by Navigant.  In this role, he led and managed numerous hospital-physician and practice-to-practice alignments and supply chain savings initiatives, along with several strategic service line planning efforts for large health systems and hospitals.