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Peter J Steffens

Peter J Steffens, CPA

Peter Steffens Consulting LLC
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In August of 2014 Peter founded Peter Steffens Consulting where he is providing state tax consulting services, training seminars & workshops, audit representation and expert witness services.

Previously Peter was employed by the Florida Department of Revenue. He joined the Florida Department of Revenue in 1976 as a Tax Auditor and since 1981 has held numerous management positions primarily related to the DOR Audit Program; and worked 5 years in the agency's tax revenue research and analysis office. Beginning in 1983 Peter served as the Department's expert witness in audit procedures and the application of tax in numerous audit and compliance cases.   He has also been involved in the development and delivery of training courses for both the Department of Revenue and the Federation of Tax Administrators(FTA); working as an instructor for over 30 years.