The Committee on Nominations is charged with developing the slate of officers and members-at-large of the FICPA Council, Standing Committees, and Florida members of the AICPA Council. The primary goal in the process is to identify, evaluate and recruit the best qualified people to lead the FICPA in achieving its goals and objectives in a smooth and orderly fashion. To accomplish this, the Committee uses several procedures:

  • Review and evaluation of service to the FICPA and the profession;
  • In-person interview process; and
  • Review and evaluation of recommendations from other peer leaders (past and present).

In addition, the Committee considers certain demographic and geographic information in finalizing its nominations.

It is desirable to have leadership positions held by members representative of the many diversities of the profession.

The Committee on Nominations is comprised of the two most recent past Chairs, the current Chair-Elect of the FICPA and six at-large members. The six at-large members are elected by the FICPA Council. Nomination for at-large members are made by the Committee on Nominations.