Purpose: Promote accounting career opportunities to support student success and foster relations between colleges and universities through creative and effective outreach initiatives. Develop and implement accounting career programs to attract college students to become Certified Public Accountants. Develop and implement programs to support accounting educators with career development, academia needs and interaction with CPA professionals. Provide resources to foster relationships between educators and practitioners.

Commitment Level: One meeting and two to three conference calls.


  • Coordinate the efforts of the Institute, Young CPAs, and local chapters to attract college students to become Certified Public Accountants and accounting educators involvement with the FICPA.
  • Encourage and support college students to become Certified Public Accountants through the development and implementation of programs and materials specifically designed to promote awareness of accounting profession and benefits of FICPA membership.
  • Enhance accounting educators’ professional pathways and development, including meaningful interaction with the profession through creative programs and access to valuable tools.
  • Create programs and services designed for accounting students to establish a long term relationship between the profession, colleges, and universities throughout Florida
    Measure the effectiveness and feasibility of the leadership program towards students as well as the ambassador program.