FICPA committees help our members thrive.

Vision and leadership on behalf of Florida CPAs

Our committees plan and produce all of the things that make FICPA membership so valuable. From conferences, publications, budgets, and even the legislative policies we focus on, committee leadership has a direct hand in making the FICPA experience work.

Committees are led by FICPA members, for FICPA members.


At the beginning of each calendar year, a Volunteer Request Guide is sent to all members and made available on the FICPA website. Volunteer Request forms are accepted between February and mid-April every year, in which the member can select their top three choices from any combination of committees.

Appointments are finalized in early June and are confirmed in writing to each member. Committee appointment is for one year: July through June. Committee re-appointment is not automatic. You must reapply to serve each year.

Selection Process

Many factors are considered for committee selection, including individual expertise; previous service; diversity and extent of FICPA-member participation; experience level; geographic location; and firm/company dynamics. All committee membership is evaluated by the executive committee director coordinator; current committee chair and vice chair; and FICPA staff. Appointment recommendations are made considering the stated criteria. The FICPA chair makes final committee appointments, as well as committee chair and vice chair assignments.

Committee Leadership Eligibility Requirements

According to FICPA Bylaws, committee members must be one of the following:

  • Regular Members
  • Non-Resident Members
  • Accounting Educator Members
  • Associate Members
  • Retired Members
  • Lifetime Members
When I first moved to Tallahassee, [I joined] the FICPA's State and Local Government Committee. I quickly learned how a few people, or even one person, could have a big impact at the state level. ... Being a part of that process, and among leaders in our profession, has been a tremendously valuable experience.
Jeffrey E. Barbacci, former FICPA Chair

If you have questions about committee involvement or operations, contact:

Debra Kelly

Member Connections Manager
(800) 342-3197