FICPA Chair W.G. Spoor Appoints Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

FICPA chair W.G. Spoor has established an FICPA Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion.

Its objective is to advise in the development of a three-year plan to develop program and services, champion the efforts to strengthen awareness of diversity and inclusion to members of the Florida Institute of CPAs, and increase diversity, inclusion and equity in the accounting profession.

The Task Force will:

  • Review and edit, if necessary, the FICPA Diversity & Inclusion statement.
  • Participate in Diversity Advisory Task Force meetings and various diversity events. The Task Force is expected to meet in-person or virtually approximately three times a year.  
  • Assist in planning programs to guide and support the Institute regarding ways to increase the awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the accounting profession.  
  • Identify partnerships and assist in the development of programs with employers, minority accounting associations, academic institutions, the AICPA, and state CPA societies. 
  • Monitor and provide input regarding the Institute’s current and future pipeline and diversity initiatives. 
  • Evaluate the feasibility and interest in the development of goals and content of a Diversity Summit.
  • Assist in creating diversity-and-inclusion resources for website.   

Our 15-member committee includes chair Lydia Desnoyers, staff liaisons Donna Son and Jennifer Allen, and FICPA members Carshena Allison, Ernest Almonte, Valrie Chambers, Marianela Collado, Michael Dupree, Nancy Fitzgibbons, Tarsha Jacobs, Nancy Juron, Robert Maya, Key O'Keefe, Michael Reed and Eric Walton, Jr.

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