Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Individuals and Investments - Deeper and Wider than Meets the Untrained Eye

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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The new tax legislation takes a far deeper and wider cut than meets the untrained eye. Tax Reform is popping at the seams with new privileges and challenges.


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* To learn the challenges in regards to tax cuts and job acts for individuals and investments


Major Topics:

*Nooks, crannies and consequences of new income tax rate cuts

*Best moves to make on 2017 and later tax returns

*Everybody gets a good deal, except for the ones who don’t

*Effective dates and strategies are all over the place

*The new skinny on standard deduction, itemized, personal exemptions and child credit

*Is the AMT grim reaper dead – Or must we continue to slay it?

*Taxation of investments – Deck shuffled on after-tax rate of return

*Taxation of marriage affected – For better or for worse?

*Effect on and interaction with state income taxes

*Are you better off after Tax Reform or not?

*Find out where the chips fall for you

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