SSARS Practice Issues and Standards Update

Thursday, September 30, 2021
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11:00AM - 2:30 PM (opens at 10:30AM) EST
Accounting and Auditing

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Course Type: Webcast
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Level: Basic
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Field of Study: Accounting


SSARS #21 codified and clarified all previous SSARS standards and was effective for financial statements ending on or after December 15, 2015 (Calendar 2015). It revised existing standards, upgraded service requirements, and introduced a new level of service - the "Preparation Engagement". SSARS #21 requires numerous practice issues for the various levels of service, including confirming the services to be provided with the client, attest vs. non-attest services, required procedures to be performed and documentation of them, and reporting requirements for each level of service. SSARS #21 also addresses specific issues overlooked in the original standard.


Recognize relevant features of each level of service under the SSARS standards Determine which practice issues have the greatest impact on practitioners providing services under the SSARS standards, including maintaining independence when providing various non-attest services Identify best practices for providing both attest and non-attest services

Major Topics:

Review of applicable SSARS standards, including standards updates Review of AICPA professional ethics changes In-depth discussion of non-attest services Review of independence issues for SSARS services Overview of SSARS #21 - performance, documentation and other requirements Detailed analysis of preparation vs. compilation engagements

Designed For:

CPAs currently providing preparation, compilation and review services.