Scratch your Niche

Thursday, October 14, 2021
Webcast or Webinar, Online
11:00AM - 12:15PM (opens at 10:30AM) EST

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$45.00 Regular Price
Course Type: Webcast
Course Code: 21/AI050254
Level: Basic
Vendor: AICPA CPE Division
Field of Study: Communications and Marketing


Can you use social media to boost your personal brand and turn yourself into a thought leader? We are all experts at something that someone wants to know. Now you have access to powerful social media tools so that you can share your knowledge and be branded as a thought leader. In this 1-hour course, Bill Sheridan will show you step-by-step ways to use powerful social media tools to develop what really matters-- real relationships sharing worthwhile ideas.


* Recognize key assets of using social media

* List do's and don't's when writing for building relationships and networks

Major Topics:

* Becoming indispensable

* Circles of gifts

* Broadcasting tools

* Being a listening agent

* Networking

* Social filters

* Everyone is an expert

* Personal branding

Designed For:

CPAs who want to know more about the benefits of using social media tools for blogging and developing their brand