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Thursday, June 10, 2021
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8:15AM - 4:15PM (opens at 7:45AM) EST

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2020 brought upheaval to the nation and to the CPA profession.  Already in the midst of  a dynamic reinvention, CPAs are now also challenged with remote working and learning; new bills and regulations; and clients worried about their financial futures. Through it all, the FICPA has been there - keeping you informed and providing the tools you need to succeed.  The 2021 virtual-only MEGA Conference offers the opportunity for you to gain insight into what lay ahead - exploring issues and answers - not only with thought leaders but also with solution experts presenting insights during our complimentary 4-hour CPE TED-Style discussions June 8 from 1-5 pm. (Separate registration required).

2021 MEGA - All You Wanted and More!


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Opening Remarks

Time: Thursday 8:00am - 8:10am

Keynote Presentation: Acceleration of Change

Time: Thursday 8:10am - 9:00am Credits: 1 TB

Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO,  


Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO, will provide an environmental scan of today's circumstances and the pivotal response by CPA firms during times of crisis.  2020 accelerated adoption of new technology and evolved the CPAs' role with their business clients; it essentially hit fast-forward to deliver what we were on track to experience in 2025 - five years sooner.  The events of 2020 forced a new normal upon us, proving that yesterday's best-practices are not sufficient to navigate the acceleration of change that we are experiencing today.  While technologies are maturing at an exponential rate, organizational structure are being turned upside down and processes remain stubbornly linear.  These phenomena have been in motion for years, but advisory services have been catapulted to the front lines and have never been more critical to the future of organizations.  Attendees will learn to identify top accelerants and emerging technology trends; understand the growing advisory services opportunity and how it is impacting firm business models; and discuss the most pressing issues facing the accounting profession. 

State Tax: Cryptocurrency: Regulatory Pitfalls

Time: Thursday 9:05am - 9:55am Credits: 1 TB

Michael Dobson, Policy Director and special Legal Advisor, Florida Department of Financial Services

Explore the regulatory hurdles facing bitcoin transactions in the state of Florida.

Hot Topic: Best Practices for CPA Firms to Manage Cash Flow and Get Paid Quickly

Time: Thursday 9:05am - 9:55am Credits: 1 TB

Erika Segal, Associate Brand Manager, CPA Charge

Details to come!


Time: Thursday 9:55am - 10:05am

State Tax: Florida Property Taxation and the Going Concern

Time: Thursday 10:05am - 10:55am Credits: 1 TB

Robert E.V. Kelley, Jr., Attorney/Shareholder, Hill Ward Henderson

Many businesses are unknowingly paying excessive property taxes because they are unable to distinguish between the value of their goinq concern and the taxable real estate and FF&E. Examine the law in Florida pertaining to property tax assessments and the intangibles inherent in a business going concern. Gain an understanding of how to counsel clients to avoid over paying property taxes.

Hot Topic: Reasonable Compensation Section 199A: Opportunity or Threat?

Time: Thursday 10:05am - 10:55am

R Kevin Cross, MST, EA, CPA, Account417, LLC a cpa firm

What does the qualified business deduction (QBI - IRC 199A) have to do with reasonable compensation at the low end for small S corporations? More than meets the eye. We will:  
A. Review the QBI “sweet spot”
B.Discuss the possibility of the crumbling of the “Ostrovsky Doctrine”  in Watson v Commissioner, 668 F.3d 1008 (2012) where a CPA comrad was decided he did not pay himself reasonable compensation and was taken to the proverbial “Gorky Park” by the IRS general engineer Igor Ostrovsky.
C. Discover an IRC Section that may speak to reasonalbe compensation for the very first time in 199A.


State Tax: All You Need To Know About Florida Sales and Use Tax

Time: Thursday 11:00am - 11:50am Credits: 1 TB

James Sutton, CPA, Esq., LLM, Shareholder, and Jeanette Moffa, Associate Attorney, Moffa, Sutton, & Donnini, PA

Florida sales and use tax is the most complicated and misunderstood tax in the state.  Most companies and their tax professional learn about the tax the hard way - during an audit. Learn about Florida sales and use tax from two attorneys that do nothing but sales and use tax controversy.


Hot Topic: The Silent Equity Partner You Never Knew You Had

Time: Thursday 11:00am - 11:50am Credits: 1 TB

Michael Dringus, Business Development Director, Merchant Advocate, LLC

Learn what you need to know about the unregulated merchant credit card processing industry, including the payment processing ecosystem; the lifecycle of a transaction, rates and pricing, coding and optimization and much more.  Examine facts about security and data breaches through a variety of case studies.


Time: Thursday 11:50am - 12:50pm

State Tax: Florida Legislative Update

Time: Thursday 12:50pm - 1:40pm Credits: 1 TB

French Brown, IV, Shareholder, Dean Mead and Justin Thames, Director of Governmental Affairs, FICPA

Exploring and discussing the tax changes occurring during the 2021 Florida legislative session.


Hot Topic: Hot off the Press! What Employers Need to Know About the COVID Vaccine, Health and Safety in the Workplace

Time: Thursday 12:50pm - 1:40pm Credits: 1 TB

Carrie Cherveny, Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Solutions, HUB International

The state, and federal agency guidance and regulations regarding COVID workplace safety along with employer vaccination programs has been evolving rapidly. Learn the most up-to-date, current, and accurate employer regulatory requirements, obligations, and limitations along with operational best practices.  Discuss new OSHA regulations along with guidance and updated information issued by the CDC, EEOC, and DOL.  Learn about the most recent:

1. employer OSHA health and safety obligations in a COVID working environment;
2. EEOC guidance regarding vaccines in the workplace including important guardrails for inventive programs; 
3. litigation trends and risks; and 
4. operational and employee relations best practices to minimize liability and risk.

This session is for you if:

1.  The compliance landscape around COVID health and safety and workplace vaccines has been confusing;
2.  You have received seemingly contradictory and/or confusing information regarding COVID workplace safety and/or workplace vaccine programs;
3.  You've implemented a program but would like to be sure it's compliant and complete;
4.  You've not addressed COVID in the workplace at all; and/or
5.  You're interested in obtaining the most current and accurate information regarding COVID safety in the workplace and workplace vaccine programs


State tax: Deep Dive of Multistate Sales Tax Economic Nexus Thresholds

Time: Thursday 1:45pm - 2:35pm Credits: 1 TB

David J. Brennan, Jr., Esq, Associate, Moffa, Sutton & Donnini, P.A.

Examine problems practitioners and clients face when encountering economic nexus issues, as well as other current hot topics in the area.


Hot Topic: TBD

Time: Thursday 1:45pm - 2:35pm Credits: 1 TB

Details to come!


Time: Thursday 2:35pm - 2:45pm

State Tax: Who Moved My Sales Taxes?

Time: Thursday 2:45pm - 3:35pm Credits: 1 TB

Elizabeth Ginori, CPA, Partner, Boyer Ginori CPAs LLC

State and local jurisdictions are expanding tax bases for sales and use taxes and other consumption-based taxes.  We will discuss how these bases are being expanded and how different industries are being impacted.


Hot Topic: Professional Standards, Jury Standards, and Managing Risk

Time: Thursday 2:45pm - 3:35pm Credits: 1 TB

Duncan B. Will, CPA/ABV/CFF, CFE, Loss Prevention Manager/Accounting & Auditing Specialist, CAMICO

Did you know that some of the top liability issues facing the CPA profession today continue to be many of the same issues/themes from the past two decades?   

  • Develop a better understanding of CPA liability risks — the real world of CPA malpractice  
  • Gain a greater awareness of the jury rules by which CPAs will be judged 
  • Learn practical ideas to avoid claims: in common tax engagements, involving business clients and  regarding failure to prevent/detect an embezzlement

Sales Tax: Sales Tax Roadmap for E-Retailers

Time: Thursday 3:40pm - 4:30pm Credits: 1 TB

Scott Peterson, Vice President, U.S. Tax Policy and Government Relations, Avalara

A E-retailer must know everything about sales tax that a physical store retailer must know multiplied by 45.  Being an E-retailer isn't a one-state process, but is instead an every state process. E-retailers will learn:
1. When and where they must register to collect sales tax
2. What it means to start collecting sales tax
3. How to know what products and services are taxable.
4. The differences between states in the process to file a tax return and make a tax payment.


Hot Topic: Becoming a CPA Financial Planner

Time: Thursday 3:40pm - 4:30pm Credits: 1 TB

Shawn J. McCabe, MBA, CFP, Director, CPAlliance

CPAs are some of the world's most trusted advisors. Clients seek advice from their CPAs well outside the realm of tax compliance, accounting, and auditing. Given the profession’s long-standing Code of Professional Conduct, objectivity, due care, and high ethical standards, CPAs make some of the most highly sought after investment advisors and financial planners around. Learn basics of the investment advisory and financial planning business and provide and overview of what it takes to become a CPA Financial Planner.


Friday, June 11, 2021

Opening Remarks

Time: Friday 8:00am - 8:10am

Keynote Presentation: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce

Time: Friday 8:10am - 9:00am Credits: 1 TB

Technology: How Leading Firms Evolve: A Fireside Chat - Panel

Time: Friday 9:05am - 9:55am Credits: 1 TB

Jasen Stine, Tax & Accounting Education Leader, Intuit, Inc., Moderator

Some 76% of firms desire to have greater than 30% of their revenue from advisory, but only 19% of firms are delivering at that level today. Join us for a fireside chat with various leaders from firms across the profession as they discuss key trends - technology, hiring and managing talent, firm culture and mindset, etc. that continue to shape successful client relationships. By attending this session, you will be able to:

Identify the key ways leading firms drive meaningful change in how they operate internally.
Leverage similar approaches in how leading firms look at the technology and people they hire to carry out the firm’s vision.
Gain best practices that you can implement in your own firm right away.
Outline the steps you need to take over the longer-term to become a leading advisory firm.


Accounting & Auditing: Attestation Standards (SSAE) Update

Time: Friday 9:05am - 9:55am Credits: 1 AA

Bruce Nunnally, CPA, CGMA, Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC

Four recently issued SSAE Standards made significant changes to Examinations, Reviews and Agreed-Upon Procedures engagements. Get up to date on these changes and the exciting new service opportunities available to practitioners.



Time: Friday 9:55am - 10:05am

Technology: The Dilemma of Social Media and Cybersecurity Risks to CPAs

Time: Friday 10:05am - 10:55am Credits: 1 TB

Christophe Reglat, President/CEO, Coaxis International, Inc.

From closed Facebook groups to LinkedIn profiles, the rise of social media as a business tool has opened the door to untold ways a firm’s business continuity and its client information can be put at risk. In addition to exploiting users for financial gain through surveillance capitalism and data mining, these “free” social media platforms offer a gateway for cybercriminals to up their social engineering game using sophisticated hacking tactics Now more than ever, CPA firms need to have protections and policies in place to thwart cyber-criminals at their own game. This presentation is designed for all types of CPA practices. No prerequisites required.

Objectives Learn the different ways hackers use social media to commit cybercrime and how to make your firm less vulnerable to attacks


Accounting & Auditing: SSARS Update and Activity

Time: Friday 10:05am - 10:55am Credits: 1 AA

Bruce Nunnally, CPA, CGMA, Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC.

SSARS 25 is effective in 2021. Get the detailed impact of its changes as well as ongoing activities of the Accounting and Review Services Committee (ARSC).


Technology: Technology and Tax Prep: How AI and Machine Learning Make Tax Season Less Taxing

Time: Friday 11:00am - 11:50am Credits: 1 TB

Amanda Agiullard, Agiullard Accounting

Tax season is a lot of work, especially if you are doing it manually.  The tax process of the future is automated, using artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Explore how to get started on the tax automation journey, and how cloud accounting plays a central role in the process.

Accounting & Auditing: Common Blunders in Applying Recent Accounting Standard

Time: Friday 11:00am - 11:50am Credits: 1 AA

J. Edward Grossman, CPA, Principal, CliftonLarsenAllen

Explore accounting and financial statement presentation errors and omissions often seen in the application of recent, and some not so recent, accounting standards.



Time: Friday 11:50am - 12:50pm

Technology: Client Accounting Services Advisory Tools

Time: Friday 12:50pm - 1:40pm Credits: 1 TB

David Bergstein CPA, CITP, CGMA, Chief Innovation Officer, Bergstein CPA

This session will focus on helping attendees identify the various "Advisory Service Apps" that permeate the Client Accounting Services space and how they can be utilized to transition from compliance work to advisory services. The future of accounting is all about leveraging AI, automation, and autonomous tools in your practice to minimize compliance work.


Accounting & Auditing: GASB Update

Time: Friday 12:50pm - 1:40pm Credits: 1 AA

Lisa Parker, Project Manager, Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB)

Get the latest information on what you need to know from GASB for 2021.


Technology: TBD

Time: Friday 1:45pm - 2:35pm Credits: 1 TB

Details to come!

Accounting & Auditing: What's New with Peer Review

Time: Friday 1:45pm - 2:35pm Credits: 1 AA

Paul Brown, CPA, Director of Technical Services, Florida Institute of CPAs

There have been many changes in peer review over the last year or so. We will cover those changes along with Enhancing Audit Quality initiatives for the last year and upcoming year that will affect peer review. We will also take a look into the AICPA Peer Review Standards Task Force clarity project and what that means for firms.



Time: Friday 2:35pm - 2:45pm

Technology: Are Your Business Payments Safe?

Time: Friday 2:45pm - 3:35pm Credits: 1 TB

Did you know your current check processing is posing risks and exposing your AP payments to payment fraud risks? With internal and external threats on the rise, accounting teams have no time to lose in mitigating the risks of payment fraud, safeguarding sensitive banking information, and ensuring the integrity of the accounting system.  Electronic payment solutions, such as virtual cards and ACH transactions, provide greater protections than paper checks, mitigating the risk of payment fraud.  Learn how your company can help your accounts payable team can eliminate check writing and start making secure vendor payments today.  

  • Discuss growing payment fraud risks to your organization  
  • Highlight recent payment fraud incidents that have impacted businesses  
  • Learn how to safeguard your business payments through ePayments

Accounting & Auditing: COVID-19 Latest Issues for Accounting and Auditing

Time: Friday 2:45pm - 3:35pm Credits: 1 AA

Steven Morrison, CPA, CFF, Partner-in-Charge, Audit Quality Group, CohnRezick LLP

For over a year, auditors and preparers have been dealing with COVID-19 related accounting and auditing matters. Learn about some of the new A&A topics emerging in 2021 in an up-tempo format with an emphasis on audit quality.


Technology: Technology's Role in Changing the Accounting Profession

Time: Friday 3:40pm - 4:30pm Credits: 1 TB

Jim Bourke, CPA, CITP, CFF, CGMA, Partner & Managing Director of Advisory Services, WithumSmith+Brown

Explore technology’s role in keeping our profession functional and relevant. The recent pandemic forced change onto our profession and with that change came massive disruption on how we do business and collaborate with our clients. We will all agree that selecting the “right” technologies was a recent differentiator in an organization’s ability to survive. Some in our profession struggled with client service, some encountered challenges with a remote workforce while others did not miss a beat. Jim will share his perspective on what he witnessed during this period of change – the good and the bad, and he’ll share some of the best practices for technology in our space around technology and innovative solutions in this new world.

You’ll walk away from this session with a new appreciation and awareness about some of the unique technologies that are ready to take our profession to the next level as well a clear directive to your IT support personnel on the technologies and platforms that should currently be under consideration to allow your practice to function whether your staff are working in the office or working remotely.


Accounting & Auditing: The Working Remotely, COVID, Fraud Cocktail: Sounds like Happy Hour for a Fraudster

Time: Friday 3:40pm - 4:30pm Credits: 1 AA

Kevin Cross, MST, EA, CPA, Account 417, LLC

Fraud while working remotely? No way. Well yes fraud is a chameleon, it adapts to any and every situation.  During troubling times we can always expect new and creative fraud to occur but also these dicey times give rise to the discovery of existing fraud. In the words of Warren Buffet, “You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out." Frauds that might be hidden in the good times may be concealed for months or years, but unfortunately, COVID is revealing the cover up and the money stolen. Interestingly enough, Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme was uncovered during the last recession in 2008.  Explore the small compromises and the ethical dilemma surrounding these choices, low hanging fruit.  The Enneagram personality types that may be able to detect, deter, and fudge.



  • Meet biennial ethics requirements
  • Explore top employee benefits issues
  • Learn the latest on state tax
  • Discuss hot topics impacting the profession
  • Hear what's new in A & A



  • J. Edward Grossman, CPA, CFE, CMA, CGMA

    PrincipalCliftonLarsonAllen LLPEd is a principal with CliftonLarsonAllen having over 35 years of experience in public accounting. Based in Lakeland, Florida, Ed is a member of the firm’s National Assurance Technical Group. His primary responsibilities include being a technical resource for the audit and assurance practice and performing quality reviews of assurance and accounting engagements...

    Read more about J. Edward Grossman here
  • David Bergstein, CPA, CITP, CGMA

    David Bergstein is the Chief Innovation Officer for Bergstein CPA.  David has been a practicing accountant since 1966.  Prior to establishing his own firm, David belonged to Intuit’s Accountant Segment and is a thought-leader in technology issues.  Accounting Today listed him as one of their Top 100 Most Influential People within the accounting profession in both 2015 and 2017.  Val Steed, CEO at...

    Read more about David Bergstein here
  • R. Kevin Cross, CPA, MST, EA

    Fraud Lecturer, Author and CounselorAccount 417, LLCIf the old adage "it takes one to know one" has an ounce of truth,  then the insights gained from our speaker will hold some valuable lessons for your practice.Just as the FBI utilizes the knowledge of former criminals, this is your opportunity to glean from a convicted fraudster.  Thirty years ago he was the mastermind behind a large...

    Read more about R. Kevin Cross here
  • Scott C Peterson, MPA

    Vice President of U.S. TaxAvalaraScott Peterson is Avalara’s Vice President of U.S. Tax Policy and Government Relations. Prior to Avalara, he was the first Executive Director of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board - an organization devoted to making sales tax simpler and more uniform for the benefit of business. Scott also spent 10 years as the Director of the South Dakota Sales Tax Division...

    Read more about Scott C Peterson here
  • Lisa R Parker, CPA

    Senior Project ManagerGovernmental Accounting Standards BoardLisa Parker is a senior project manager with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).  Prior to joining the GASB in 2008, Lisa worked for Runyon Kersteen Ouellette CPAs for 10 years, the town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine as finance director and interim town manager for 2 years, and the city of Saco, Maine as finance director...

    Read more about Lisa R Parker here
  • James Holland Sutton Jr, CPA, Esq., LLM

    ShareholderMoffa, Sutton & Donnini, PAJames Sutton is a CPA and Attorney with an almost exclusive focus on Florida sales and use tax controversy. His firm, Moffa, Sutton, & Donnini, PA handles audits, protest, litigation, consulting, collections, revocations, and criminal defense all revolving around sales tax matters. A graduate of Stetson (Bachelors and Juris Doctorate), Mr. Sutton is heavily...

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  • Christophe Réglat

    President and CEOCoaxis International, Inc.Christophe Réglat founded Coaxis, a Florida corporation, based in Tallahassee, in 2002. Coaxis originated as an application service provider (ASP), offering businesses access over the Internet to applications and related services that would otherwise have to be located on their own business computers. ASP has evolved to cloud computing, and more...

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  • Justin A Thames, DPL

    Director of Governmental AffairsFlorida Institute of CPA’sJustin Thames joined the FICPA in June 2011 as the Governmental Affairs Manager and was promoted to Director of Governmental Affairs in July 2015.  In this role, Justin is responsible for leading the Governmental Affairs Department in regulatory and lobbying activities including; developing creative strategies to accomplish the legislative...

    Read more about Justin A Thames here
  • Bruce Allen Nunnally, CGMA,CPA

    PartnerCarr, Riggs & Ingram LLCBruce Nunnally has over 30 years of public accounting experience, including 10 years with the international public accounting firm, Ernst & Young, LLP. During his career, Bruce has served clients in a wide range of industries with varied financial reporting requirements. He has been directly responsible for directing audits serving small businesses to Fortune 200...

    Read more about Bruce Allen Nunnally here
  • Paul N Brown, CPA, CGMA

    Director of Technical ServicesFlorida Institute of Certified Public AccountantsPaul Brown joined the FICPA in November 1992 and is the Director of Technical Services for the Florida Institute of CPAs (FICPA). One of Paul’s main duties is to serve as the technical reviewer in Florida for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Peer Review Program.  The program administers...

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  • Elizabeth M Ginori, CPA

    Managing PartnerBoyer Ginori CPAs LLCElizabeth Ginori, CPA, is the Managing Partner in the Tax and Accounting Department at Boyer Ginori CPAs LLC. Elizabeth has more than twenty years of experience in the tax and accounting industry with significant experience in state and local taxation (SALT). She spent 15 years of her career with Big 4 firms specializing in multi-state taxation.Elizabeth...

    Read more about Elizabeth M Ginori here
  • Steven E Morrison, CPA

    PartnerCohnReznickSteven Morrison, CPA, serves in the National Assurance Office of CohnReznick, bringing experience as an engagement partner, quality control reviewer, and as a standard setter in a variety of industries, including automotive dealerships, employee benefit plans, freight, forwarding/mail courier, retail, and wholesale/distribution. His experience encompasses effectively addressing...

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  • H. French Brown IV, Esq.

    Of CounselDean Mead French Brown offers clients 10 years of experience practicing in state and local taxation. Prior to joining Dean Mead, he practiced at Hopping, Green & Sams. He began his legal career at the Florida Department of Revenue, where he quickly rose to the position of Deputy Director of Technical Assistance and Dispute Resolution. There he oversaw more than 50 department attorneys...

    Read more about H. French Brown IV here
  • Jeanette Moffa

    Associate AttorneyMoffa, Sutton, Donnini, PA Jeanette Moffa is an associate attorney of the Law Offices of Moffa, Sutton, & Donnini, P.A. Ms. Moffa concentrates in the area of State and Local Taxation with a heavy emphasis on sales and use tax. In addition to Florida and multi-state sales and use tax issues, she also works on appellate administrative law cases. When she is not practicing law, she...

    Read more about Jeanette Moffa here
  • David John Brennan Jr., Esq.,LLM (TAX)

    AttorneyMoffa, Sutton, & Donnini, P.A.David is an attorney with Moffa, Sutton, & Donnini. He practices in the area of state and local tax controversy. Before entering private practice, David was a senior attorney with the Florida Department of Revenue. At the Department, he functioned as an appeals officer in the appeals section of the Department. He focused primarily on sales and use tax issues...

    Read more about David John Brennan Jr. here
  • Jasen Stine

    Tax & Accounting Education LeaderIntuit Inc.Jasen has been in the tax and accounting industry for over 20 years and is responsible for setting training and education strategies at Intuit. He is a thought leader, writer, and speaker on the 4th industrial revolution and AI’s impact on the profession. He is a published author in AccountingToday and in Intuit’s Tax Pro Center. He also recently...

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  • James C Bourke, CPA, CITP, CFF, CGMA

    Read more about James C Bourke here
  • Shawn McCabe

    Read more about Shawn McCabe here
  • Carrie Cherveny

    Carrie Cherveny is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Client Solutions in HUB’s Risk Services Division. Carrie has 20 years of combined experience in employee relations, human resources, employment law litigation, and employee benefits legal guidance. Carrie works closely with clients to identify compliance risks across the organization and develop responsive strategies and solutions that...

    Read more about Carrie Cherveny here

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  • employee benefits
  • state tax
  • technology
  • finance

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