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Thursday, September 23, 2021 - Friday, September 24, 2021
Rosen Plaza Hotel - 9700 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819-8100
8:00am - 6:00pm (opens at 7:30am) EST

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Field of Study: Auditing, Accounting, Business Management & Organization, Computer Software and Applications, Economics, Finance, Management Services, Specialized Knowledge, Information Technology, Taxes



Welcome Back.  We Missed You!

Few professions are as evolving as health care.  Regulatory and legislative changes contribute to the industry's thirst for current information.  The 2021 Health Care Industry Conference brings together experts in the field providing the latest data, resources and insights to keep you at the top of your game.  Whether you are new to the profession or a seasoned veteran, you'll benefit from the expertise provided at this unique conference. In addition to outstanding sessions, this event offers you the opportunity to network with leading industry solution providers and socialize with your colleagues  - all in a socially distanced environment

To help ensure everyone's safety as we welcome you back to in-person events, we ask that we make the following promises to each other.  Please click the link below:
FICPA COVID-19 Safety Plan

Also Note the Rosen Plaza's Commitment to your safety:

Register early and receive a discount.  Register as a group of 5 or more from the same organization and receive a discount.  Can't attend in person?  View selected sessions via live stream.  Mark your calendars and be part of this annual FICPA event!

This specialized 16-hour conference explores new standards, the impact of the COVID pandemic, A & A hot topics, emerging technologies, new to the industry need to knows and more.


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Reasons to Attend

  • Discover the only FICPA conference that highlights accounting and finance health care issues.
  • Take a break from on-line learning and working remotely to sharpen your skills and work more efficiently.
  • Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hear about the changes to health care from a Florida-impacted perspective.
  • Attend specialized sessions: Including the Industry Impact of COVID-19  
  • Hear first-hand from nationally recognized subject-matter experts and discuss practical application of their topics in the field.
  • Network with your peers and discuss best practices and ways you can implement other firms strategies in your place of work.  

Pre-Conference Events: September 22, 2021

Ethics: Protecting the Integrity of Florida CPAs  in Industry (20805) - 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm (Separate Registration required)

CPAs face many complex and challenging ethical issues. Learn recent trends in business and professional ethics along with specific rules and requirements applicable to CPAs outlined in Florida Statutes, the Rules of the Florida Board of Accountancy, and the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct.  This course fulfills the biennial ethics requirement for Florida CPAs. REGISTER HERE

FICPA Annual Meeting and Town Hall - 4:30 - 6:30 pm (Separate Registration Required)

FICPA President and CEO, Shelly Weir, will host our Annual Meeting and Town Hall.  Take this opportunity to meet the Institute's new Executive Officer and learn the latest about the FICPA and the profession.

Networking Reception: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm (Complimentary)

Before heading home, please join us for a light reception to network with colleagues and meet our new Executive Officer.



A room block for this event is being held at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando.  Please click the HERE for details.

Conference Materials

Conference reference materials are distributed to registrants electronically in advance of the program.  There will not be printed available on site.  This fully searchable PDF includes speaker presentations and is intended for electronic use only.


***Nonmember fee is waived for members of FHA and HFMA Florida Chapter for the Health Care Industry Conference only.



Thursday, September 23, 2021

Continental Breakfast in Solution Center

Time: Thursday 7:30am - 8:00am

Sponsored by J.P. Morgan

Opening Remarks - Jeff Sparling, Ernst & Young, Committee Co-Chair

Time: Thursday 8:00am - 8:10am

Keynote Presentation: Federal Update on Policies Impacting Hospitals and Health Systems

Time: Thursday 8:10am - 9:00am Credits: 1 TB

Matthew J. Wright, Senior Associate Director, Federal Relations, American Hospital Association

In 2020, COVID-19 undermined our nation’s health and severely tested our hospitals and health systems. At the same time that a series of spikes in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations put intense pressure on hospital staff and resources, steep declines in non-COVID-19 volume led to sharply lower revenues. It remains important to positively influence public policies at the federal level that will impact patients, communities, and the health care field. During this session, you will learn about public policies that have impacted the health care sector in 2021, as well public policies that may have an impact in the months to come.


Combating Security and Privacy Challenges for Telehealth

Time: Thursday 9:05am - 9:55am Credits: 1 AA

Deepak Chaudhry, MSIS, ITIL, FHIMSS, CPHIMS, Managing Director, IT Services, BDO Digital, LLC

Many health care organizations are struggling with the effective deployment of a new patient care approach. Organizations adapted to work from home and remote patient care overnight but now need to make it compliant, manage its security and scale as demands grow. Without adequate security and privacy protections for underlying telehealth data and systems, providers and patients will lack trust in the use of telehealth solutions. Although some federal and state guidelines for telehealth security and privacy have been established, many gaps remain. This session will review security and privacy challenges related to telehealth and how to address such challenges.



Panel Presentation: CMS, OIG, HHS: Clarity on NEW Stark Law & Anti-Kickback Statutes with Value-Based Care

Time: Thursday 9:05am - 9:55am Credits: 1 TB

Curtis Bernstein, Partner, Kelly A. Conroy, Director, and Heather S. Miller, Of Counsel, Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting/ Nelson Mullins

The long-awaited final rules to the Stark Law ("Stark") and Anti-Kickback Statute ("AKS") become effective January 19, 2021 for all but one provision (which is January 1, 2022).  We will review these new changes and provide practical application to Value-Base Enterprise ("VBE") and Value-based Care arrangements. Receive a high-level explanation of the new changes and how they play-out in the current health care market.  This includes value-based care arrangements such as Medicare Shared Savings ACO's, (low and high revenue) Direct Contract Entities, Medicare Advantage and other value-base arrangements in no, low and high-risk arrangements.  The higher the risk, the more broad new exceptions will be available to take advantage of for your future strategies.


Refreshment Break in Solution Center

Time: Thursday 9:55am - 10:20am

Accounting for the Provider Relief Funds: What Healthcare Providers Need to Know

Time: Thursday 10:20am - 11:10am Credits: 1 AA

Daron Tarlton, CPA, Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

From the moment the first round of Provider Relief Funds were sent out (unsolicited and practically unannounced) in April 2020, healthcare providers across the country have struggled to understand the "moving target" of PRF compliance.  All along the way, there have been more questions than answers...and the answers have often been contradictory.  How do you define "lost revenue"?  What expenses are allowable?  How long are the funds available?  Can I transfer them to affiliates?  What are the reporting and auditing requirements?  Is HHS going to reject and/or recoup funds?  What are the deadlines?  How should they be accounted for?  And on and on and on.  Whether you have been tracking closely all along, or have barely been paying attention, attend this in-depth session to get fully up to speed and learn what you need to know now about the Provider Relief Funds.


Healthcare Industry Tax Update 2021

Time: Thursday 10:20am - 11:10am Credits: 1 TB

Scott Mariani, Partner, Practice Leader, and Hayley Shulman, Senior Manager, Withum Healthcare Services Group

Hear an update of Federal tax law changes; IRS developments and regulations, best practices and practical recommendations for integrated healthcare delivery systems, hospitals and other healthcare organizations.  Topics include:

  • CARES Act tax matters
  • Employment tax matters for healthcare organizations including new tax reporting for
  • Board governance considerations regarding conflict of interest and Form 990 disclosures
  • Community benefit and tax-exempt hospital Form 990 Schedule H update including healthcare system and hospital peer percentages, emerging reporting ideas and planning opportunities\
  • Predictions for remainder of 2021 and prospectively regarding IRS tax enforcement mechanisms applicable to healthcare organizations


Harnessing Data Analytics to Improve Patient Care, Reduce Cost and Increase Margins

Time: Thursday 11:15am - 12:05pm Credits: 1 AA

Dr. Jamie McGlothlin, Director, Healthcare Analytics, RSM US LLP

Hospitals have more available data than at any time in history.  The challenge is to pull simple and valuable information and insights out of this vast volume of detailed data.  This session will examine solutions to utilize EMR and financial data to find opportunities for improvement in efficiency, scheduling, patient movement, utilization and patient care.  We will learn how to utilize this information to help physicians and leaders make better decisions and drive change.  Through these actionable performance improvement analytics, hospitals can reduce length of stay, increase revenue and volume, and reduce cost.



The Ins and Outs of a Successful Turnaround: A Case Study

Time: Thursday 11:15am - 12:05pm Credits: 1 TB

David Light, PT, MBA, Senior Manager, Healthcare Advisory Services, and Kevin Reynolds, Partner, Daszkal Bolton LLP

This session will unpack a successful engagement with a large, multi-county nonprofit from an operational perspective.  Walk through start to finish, from engagement to deliverables, to completion.



Networking Lunch in Solution Center

Time: Thursday 12:05pm - 1:15pm

Sponsored by FHI Communications

Keynote Presentation: Whole Person Care: Meeting the Consumer Where They Are to Provide the Best Possible Care

Time: Thursday 1:15pm - 2:05pm Credits: 1 TB

Terry Shaw, President and Chief Executive Officer, Advent Health

Health care may be the most personal decision we make in our lives, and yet the system is overwhelming to navigate and difficult to manage for consumers who are used to having services convenient and available through their personal devices. We must transform our systems. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen services like telemedicine and health care at home take center stage out of necessity to meet the consumer needs when they were unable to connect at their physician office or hospital. Now is the time to pour into these and other services to better address consumer needs… body, mind and spirit. All within a system that is easy to navigate and financially viable.


Uniform Guidance for CARES Act Funding

Time: Thursday 2:10pm - 3:00pm Credits: 1 AA

John R. Good, Managing Director, Americas Professional Practice Auditing, Ernst & Young LLP

Understand key considerations for auditors performing Uniform Guidance compliance audits of CARES Act funding with an emphasis on the Provider Relief Fund and COVID-19 Claims Reimbursement for the Uninsured Programs.


Federal Regulatory Update

Time: Thursday 2:10pm - 3:00pm Credits: 1 TB

Kathy Reep, Senior Manager, PYA, P.C.

Examine the latest proposed and final rules released by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services including the proposed inpatient rule for FY 2022, the first budget proposals from the Biden Administration, and the status of the Medicare Trust Fund.


Networking Break in Solution Center

Time: Thursday 3:00pm - 3:25pm


Time: Thursday 3:25pm - 4:15pm Credits: 1 AA

Details to come!

The Past, Present and Future of Payments

Time: Thursday 3:25pm - 4:15pm Credits: 1 TB

Jeff Peppers, Vice President, Business Development, Paymerang

Many organizations are adopting technology and automating to increase efficiency and save costs.  Has your company embraced electronic payments?  Are you gaining benefits and avoiding the pitfalls? Find out how you can gain all the benefits and truly profit from them.  Learn:

  • Past B2B payment trends
  • Current technology and benefits of leveraging electronic payments
  • future of business payments and the role of automation


What's the Cost of Not Knowing Your Cost: The Importance of Data Analytics

Time: Thursday 4:20pm - 5:10pm Credits: 1 AA

Jeff Lambert, Chief Operating Officer and Founder, Organizational Health

The current day challenges of hospital management are extensive. Declining reimbursement rates couples with rising expenses require immediate focus on patient margins. At all levels, hospital staff need to find ways to improve quality while reducing cost. This is no easy task considering many hospitals lack the tools, data, or communication to support change. But the advanced cost accounting techniques and decisions support systems available today can provide that information and analytic tools required to breakdown the silos and improve efficiency. Explore the cost accounting methodologies and advanced decision support along with data analytics.


How Does Your Balance Sheet Look?: Before and After the Implementation of new GAAP for Leases

Time: Thursday 4:20pm - 5:10pm Credits: 1 AA

Joel S. Mutnick, CPA, Partner, KSDT CPA

Over the last 2 years many companies, primarily public companies have been required to implement and restate prior years financial statements to conform with the “new” GAAP requirements for all leases that was effective during that period of time.  Now, all other companies that prepare their financial statements on a GAAP basis are required to adopt these new pronouncements effective December 15, 2021.  This presentation will provide an explanation of the major changes in the new pronouncement but also provide an “easy roadmap” in converting your leases that might not have been reflected in your balance sheets in the past to the new requirements so comparative financial statements can be consistent.  In addition, the presentation will provide some simple procedures to perform going forward during 2022 in adopting the new GAAP Pronouncement. As it is well known, health care providers be they hospitals, clinics, professional providers and para-professionals have a substantial amount of leases both operating and capital.  This new pronouncement effects every company that has not yet adopted the new pronouncement.


Keynote Presentation: Florida's Health Care Future

Time: Thursday 5:15pm - 6:05pm Credits: 1 TB

Mary Mayhew, President and CEO, Florida Hospital Association

Florida's hospitals and health care systems faced unprecedented challenges over the past two years.  Join FHA President/CEO, Mary Mayhew, to discuss what the road ahead looks like for these facilities and the hardworking staff that work in them.


Networking Reception and Raffle in Solution Center

Time: Thursday 6:05pm - 7:00pm

Sponsored by PNC HealthCare

Friday, September 24, 2021

Continental Breakfast in Solution Center

Time: Friday 7:30am - 8:00am

Sponsored by J.P. Morgan

Opening Remarks - Charles Felix, South Florida Hospital News, Committee Co-Chair

Time: Friday 8:00am - 8:10am

Keynote Presentation: How Normal is the "New Normal" in Health Care?

Time: Friday 8:10am - 9:00am Credits: 1 TB

Steven Ullman, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Health Management and Policy, Director, Center for Health Management and Policy, Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami

The COVID Pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy in general and the health sector in particular. This session will explore what we may anticipate going forward in the health care industry with insights for future planning.


Networking Break in Solution Center

Time: Friday 9:10am - 9:30am

AICPA Health Care Expert Panel

Time: Friday 9:30am - 10:20am Credits: 1 AA

Lindsey W. Roe, Partner, Assurance Services, Ernst & Young, LLP

The Health Care Expert Panel serves the needs of AICPA members on financial and business reporting, as well as audit and attest matters.  The expert panel protects the public interest by bringing together knowledgeable parties in the health care industry to deliberate and come to agreement on key health care issues.  Join us for this update on the panel's recent focus areas and future projects.


The Health Care Private Equity Markets: What's Hot What's Not

Time: Friday 9:30am - 10:20am Credits: 1 TB

Robert Goodman, Vice President, Healthcare, MidCap Advisors, LLC

Physician Practices and Outpatient Services Update: What's hot what's not as well as when a Physician, Physician Practice or Outpatient Service Provider wants to consider a private equity transaction, what does the process look like? 

  • Why private equity?
  • What Needs to Come first?
  • How, as a CPA, can I best help my client?
  • How does exit planning fit into the equation?

All these questions, and more, will be discussed at this session.

Maximizing the Value of Internal Audit: How to Design, Develop and Operate an Agile Internal Audit Function

Time: Friday 10:25am - 11:15am Credits: 1 AA

Ryan P. Haggerty, Principal, RSM US LLP

Examine strategies and tactics used by leading edge IA functions that can be applied to all healthcare organizations, regardless of current department maturity.  Learn how your Internal Audit function can go beyond assurance of internal controls and truly serve as a trusted advisor and valued business partner to the organization.  Gain an understanding of the advantages of a proactive and data analytic-informed approach to anticipating risk and the importance of a robust risk assessment that leverages information and feedback spanning the entire organization. Hear examples of how performing thoughtfully chosen and carefully planned risk-based audits maximize the impact of the department and how aligning with organizational success builds stakeholder confidence and drives meaningful improvement across the entire organization.


Healthcare 2021-What's New?

Time: Friday 10:25am - 11:15am Credits: 1 TB

Bryan Hall, Jr., CPA, Partner, Carr, Riggs & Igram, LLC

The business of healthcare has (arguably) changed more in the past 11 years than in the entire generation before it.  Even before COVID-19, the business of healthcare, including reimbursement, employee and physician relations, and healthcare delivery system integration and consolidation, vendor and supply chain management was already rapidly evolving.  Add a global pandemic and hundreds of billions of dollars in federal intervention, and the puzzle gets even more complicated.  In this brief course, we will take a look back at the past 11 years in order to understand how we got to this current state.  This session will also explore the impact of the past two years in an effort to assist providers with understanding what may be on the horizon at both a federal and state level, as well as what steps providers should consider in order to properly position themselves for future success. 


Networking Lunch in Solution Center

Time: Friday 11:20am - 12:30pm

In-depth Discussion of Issues and Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions in the Health Care Industry

Time: Friday 12:30pm - 1:20pm Credits: 1 AA

Todd A. Webster, Partner, KPMG LLP 

In recent years the Health Care industry has experienced an increase in activities related to mergers and acquisitions, investment in joint ventures, and private equity investment.  This session will discuss the issues related to this increased activity and the related accounting, including accounting for intangible assets and other long-lived assets.  


Forensic Accounting in Healthcare: Comfortable Inaction and What We Don't Know Can Hurt You!

Time: Friday 12:30pm - 1:20pm Credits: 1 AA

Joseph M. Palmar, CPA, CFE, CFF, CEO, Palmar Forensics

The Dunning Kruger Effect: Not knowing what we don't know. We often don't know what we don't know, and we're usually most confident in those areas where we are most ignorant. Compounding this problem is that we are too busy, view things as immaterial, and have an "It can't happen here mentality." This results in comfortable inaction, or not doing or investigating the very things we should! We'll look into these risk areas, understand why we don't react until it's too late, and the red flags which are hidden in plain sight that we often miss as it relates to various fraud and vendor-related billing schemes. We will also provide tools you can immediately use to identify and mitigate risks in your own organization before it too late.


Controlling Employer Health Plan Costs: The Future of Employer-Provided Group Health Insurance

Time: Friday 1:25pm - 2:15pm Credits: 1 TB

Carrie B. Cherveny, Esq., SVP, Client Strategic Solutions, Chief Compliance Officer, South Region, HUB International Limited

The regulatory and product landscape of group health insurance is evolving at a rapid rate.  Federal regulatory changes including pricing transparency rules, the entry of nontraditional providers such as Amazon, and the growth of innovative program types such as referenced based pricing and direct contracting provides employers with greater considerations and options than ever before - but also greater risk.  Explore the future of employer group health plans and discuss various options designed to create more consumer and employer cost controls and choice.



Time: Friday 1:25pm - 2:15pm Credits: 2 AA

Details to come!

Accounting & Auditing Update

Time: Friday 2:20pm - 4:00pm Credits: 2 AA

Sean Dennis, CPA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting, University of Central Florida

Learn about recent accounting standards affecting health care organizations and their auditors. Explore the challenges health care organizations may face in implementing these new accounting standards. Review recent activities of the Government Accountability Office and the Auditing Standards Board as they affect audits of health care organizations.



  • The impact of COVID 19 on the Florida health care industry
  • digital strategies and cyber security concerns in a remote health care environment
  • The exploding telehealth industry
  • Election-driven changes to health care delivery
  • The workforce of the Future
  • Forensic accounting
  • Accounting and auditing update
  • And much more!


  • Sean Arthur Dennis

    Assistant Professor of AccountingUniversity of Central FloridaSean Dennis is currently a faculty member in the Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting at the University of Central Florida. Prior to this, he served on the faculty at the University of Kentucky. He holds a BBA in Accounting and a MS in Accountancy from the University of Notre Dame and a PhD in Accounting from the University of...

    Read more about Sean Arthur Dennis here
  • Kathryn A Reep

    Senior Manager, Consulting/Business DevelopmentPYA, P.C.Kathy Reep has more than three decades of leadership experience in the healthcare industry. Her hospital setting expertise is in compliance, financial advisory, reimbursement, and managed care. Kathy has helped with Medicare, Medicaid, workers’ compensation, reimbursement, and many other complex programs and issues. She is a thought leader...

    Read more about Kathryn A Reep here
  • Lindsey W Roe

    Partner, Assurance ServicesErnst & Young, LLPProfessional background:Lindsey is a Partner in our Chicago Health Care practice. Lindsey started her professional career at EY in Indianapolis, Indiana and has over fourteen years of experience performing and managing audit services for SEC registrants, large and small community-based health providers, nonprofit, multi-location health systems, academic...

    Read more about Lindsey W Roe here
  • Scott J Mariani, JD

    Partner; Practice Leader, Healthcare Services GroupWithumSmith+Brown, PC• A nationally-recognized presenter on topics related to healthcare and tax exempts with over 25 years of tax consulting and compliance service experience to both the healthcare and tax exempt sectors specializing in providing tax advice to integrated healthcare delivery systems, hospitals, academic medical centers, physicians...

    Read more about Scott J Mariani here
  • Todd A Webster, CPA

    Audit Managing Director KPMG LLP Todd Webster is an Audit Managing Director with KPMG LLP and is from KPMG’s Tampa, FL office.  He has been with KPMG for 14 years, during which time he has primarily served clients in the health care, state and local government, and not-for-profit industries.  Prior to joining KPMG, Todd spent 5 years with Arthur Andersen LLP in the audit practice serving...

    Read more about Todd A Webster here
  • Curtis Howard Bernstein, ABV,ASA,CVA

    Curtis H. Bernstein, CPA/ABV, CVA, ASA, CHFP, MBAPartner Curtis Bernstein joined Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting in 2015 as a Principal.  Curtis has two decades of management in the provider and consulting settings.  For over the past decade, Curtis has focused on strategic and valuation consulting services around provider relationships in the healthcare industry. Prior to joining Pinnacle, Curtis...

    Read more about Curtis Howard Bernstein here
  • Joseph Mario Palmar, CPA, CFE, CFF

    Chief Executive OfficerPalmar ForensicsDESIGNATIONSCertified Public Accountant 1998Certified Fraud Examiner 2009Certified in Financial Forensics 2009EDUCATIONMiami Dade Community College 1982 - 1984Graduated with honors Member of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor SocietyDegree – AAFlorida Atlantic University 1984-1986Graduated with honors Vice President of Accounting Students AssociationDegree – BAA...

    Read more about Joseph Mario Palmar here
  • Daron Seth Tarlton, CPA,MBA

    Read more about Daron Seth Tarlton here
  • David Light

    Read more about David Light here
  • Kevin E Reynolds

    Read more about Kevin E Reynolds here
  • Kelly Conroy

    Read more about Kelly Conroy here
  • Joel Stephan Mutnick

    Read more about Joel Stephan Mutnick here
  • Deepak Chaudhry, MSIS, ITIL, FHIMSS, CPHIMS

    Deepak Chaudhry is a director in the firm's Strategy, Technology & Transformation practice. He has more than 15 years of experience in technology, security management and technical operations across a variety of industries, including healthcare, legal, non-profit, transportation, and warehousing.Deepak has led numerous large-scale, multi-year projects, and he is experienced in managing end-to-end...

    Read more about Deepak Chaudhry here
  • Ryan Haggerty

    Read more about Ryan Haggerty here
  • Jamie McGlothlin

    Read more about Jamie McGlothlin here
  • Hayley Shulman

    Read more about Hayley Shulman here
  • Carrie Cherveny

    Carrie Cherveny is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Client Solutions in HUB’s Risk Services Division. Carrie has 20 years of combined experience in employee relations, human resources, employment law litigation, and employee benefits legal guidance. Carrie works closely with clients to identify compliance risks across the organization and develop responsive strategies and solutions that...

    Read more about Carrie Cherveny here
  • Jeff Peppers

    Read more about Jeff Peppers here
  • Terry D Shaw

    Read more about Terry D Shaw here
  • Heather Miller

    Read more about Heather Miller here
  • John Good

    Read more about John Good here
  • Jeff Lambert

    Read more about Jeff Lambert here
  • Steven Ullman

    Read more about Steven Ullman here
  • Mary Mayhew

    Read more about Mary Mayhew here
  • Matthew J. Wright

    Read more about Matthew J. Wright here
  • Bryan Bryan Hall Jr

    Read more about Bryan Bryan Hall Jr here

Major Topics:

  • Impact of COVID 19
  • Cyber Security
  • AL/Data analytics
  • Remote Working
  • Telehealth
  • Election-driven changes
  • Workforce of the future

Designed For:

This conference is designed for CFO, Controllers and other finance professionals working in any aspect of the health care industry.


This conference is open to all levels with an interest in health care finance.

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