FICPA Florida CPA Summit - In Person Event!

Tuesday, November 09, 2021 - Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Signature Grand - 6900 W State Road 84, Davie, FL 33317-7308
7:00AM - 5:00PM (opens at 7:00AM) EST

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$455.00 Early Registration (through 10/08/2021)
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Course Type: CPE Conferences
Course Code: 21/FCS
Field of Study: Auditing, Accounting, Business Management & Organization, Computer Software and Applications, Economics, Finance, Management Services, Specialized Knowledge, Information Technology, Taxes



We are excited to welcome you back to South Florida in-person conferences with the FICPA Florida CPA Summit   

So much has happened since we last saw you in person at the 2019 Accounting & Business Show!  We've worked remotely.  We've stayed connected through on-line learning.  We've adapted to the "new normal."

The COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to many new challenges for CPAs and their clients.  From PPP loans and payroll tax issues to employee retention credit and remote working, 2020-21 has been a whirlwind of change.  While CPAs work regularly with their clients to prepare for stormy weather, the pandemic was the perfect storm that caught everyone by surprise.  CPAs rose to the challenge.  The FICPA Florida CPA Summit brings to you three days packed full of the information and expertise you need to succeed in these turbulent times.

Reasons to Attend

  • Two full days of cutting-edge CPE designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to position yourself as a trusted financial advisor
  • Four hours of bonus complimentary CPE at our NEW TED-Talk style Learning Labs - each session fast-paced and focused on a unique challenge (Pre-Conference-Registration Required)
  • Fours hours of Ethics for Florida CPAs to meet your biennial requirements (Pre-Conference and Separate Registration Fee)
  • Take a break from remote working to sharpen your skills and network with your peers
  • Meet with thought leaders in our solution center to discuss your firm's particular challenges and how to address them
  • Invest in yourself - Benefit your firm and your clients!

Ethics: Protecting the Integrity of Florida CPAs - In-Person Only!

Kick off the Summit by attending the pre-conference ethics course designed to meet the biennial requirements for Florida CPAs. CPAs face many complex and challenging ethical issues. This course addresses the ethical and professional obligations CPAs have to their clients, employers, colleagues, regulators, and to the public.  Explore trends in business and professional ethics, along with the specific rules and requirements applicable to CPAs outlined in Florida Statutes, the Rules of the Florida Board of Accountancy, and the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct. The course fulfills the biennial ethics requirement for Florida CPAs.

Separate Registration Required: Click Here

COMPLIMENTARY 4-Hours of CPE - In-Person Only!

As a new, pre-conference event, attendees are welcome to join us for 4 hours of complimentary CPE provided in fast-paced, focused presentations.  Network with speakers at the post event cocktail reception.

Space is limited and separate registration is required.  Click Here

COVID-19 Protocols

To help ensure everyone's safety as we welcome you back to in-person events, we ask that we make the following promises to each other.  Please click here for details: 

Site and Accommodations

The FICPA Florida CPA Summit will be held at the Signature Grand, 6900 W State Road 84, Davie (Fort Lauderdale), FL.  The FICPA does not have a room block for attendees or exhibitors.  There are several hotels in the area from which to choose.  We recommend the Renaissance Fort Lauderdale-Plantation Hotel, 1230 S. Pine Island Road, Plantation, FL  (954) 472-2252.

CPE Credit and Course Materials

This conference qualifies for up to 18 hours of CPE credit.  CPE Credit is subject to approval by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  Conference reference materials are distributed electronically in advance of the program.  This fully searchable PDF includes speaker presentations and is intended for electronic use only.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities

The FICPA Florida CPA Summit offers a variety of networking opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors.  Please download the prospectus for complete details.  Space is limited so secure your spot today!  Looking for an opportunity to address attendees directly?  View our list of sponsorships and find the fit that is best for you.  For details, contact Drew Miller, Corporate Sales Manager, (800) 342-3197 or











Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Early Riser: TBD

Time: Tuesday 7:00am - 7:50am Credits: 1 TB

Details to come!

Opening Remarks

Time: Tuesday 8:00am - 8:10am

Keynote Presentation

Time: Tuesday 8:10am - 9:00am Credits: 1 TB

Details to come! 

Economic Update

Time: Tuesday 9:05am - 9:55am Credits: 1 TB

Details to come!

8 Mistakes New Accounting Firms Make and How to Avoid Them

Time: Tuesday 9:05am - 9:55am Credits: 1 TB

Erika Segal, Associate Brand Manager, CPA Charge

There's a lot to think about when you're starting your new firm.  While you may be doing many things right, there are common mistakes many firms make that can put them ehind the eight ball.  Learn eight mistakes many new accounting firms make and how to avoid them.  Whether you're in the process of starting your firm or you've been in business for many years, this session will be highly informational for all accounting professionals.



Time: Tuesday 09:55am - 10:15am

FASB Update

Time: Tuesday 10:15am - 11:05am Credits: 1 AA

Michael Cheng, CPA, Partner, Frazier & Deeter

Details to come!


Private-Label Pooled Employer Plans: Grow Firm Revenue

Time: Tuesday 10:15am - 11:05am Credits: 1 TB

Alex Jenkins, Vice President, Business Development, Nesteggs

In the SECURE ACT of 2019 Congress created “Pooled Employer Plans”(PEPs), a Tax-Qualified 401k plan that is more affordable, less risky, and less confusing for small businesses than traditional 401k plans. CPAs can be compensated for offering these vehicles. Hands-Off, turn-key solutions exist for your firm to offer a PEP to your clients while being compensated and appreciated for improving their outcomes. Explore the ins and outs of the opportunity.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Time: Tuesday 11:10am - 12:00pm Credits: 1 TB

Details to come!

Governmental Accounting

Time: Tuesday 11:10am - 12:00pm

Details to come!


Time: Tuesday 12:00pm - 1:20pm

Navigating State Tax in a Changing World

Time: Tuesday 1:20pm - 2:10pm Credits: 1 TB

Karen Lake, CPA, Associate Director of Tax Services, Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors + CPAs

The impacts of Covid-19 on the economy and the ways in which businesses operate and the results of the 2020 Presidential election will continue to affect State taxes in 2021. In addition, although remote work has become part of almost every company’s DNA, there are still significant tax issues and opportunities relating to a company’s property footprint that must be taken into consideration as businesses seek to manage their expenses. This session will cover state and local response to the 2020 election and the impacts of Covid-19, tax implications of remove workforce, state and local incentive landscape as a result of the changes in the US economy and workforce and other hot state and local hot topics is 2021.


Data Analytics and Automation

Time: Tuesday 1:20pm - 2:10pm Credits: 1 AA

Details to Come!

Protecting Your Data in a Remote Work Environment

Time: Tuesday 2:15pm - 3:05pm Credits: 1 TB

Kadian Douglas, CPA, CISA, Principal, CLA IT & Cybersecurity, CliftonLarsenAllen LLP

The pandemic saw an increase in the number of individuals working remotely, and with the transition back to the office some employees are requesting a hybrid option. Explore inherent risks in a remote work environment and ways to mitigate those risks.  Learn how to recognize risks relating to accessing applications remotely, and security of home networks and devices. Gain insight into how to identify best practices for continuing key business processes in a remote environment, including the importance of having updated policies and procedures.


Expand Services and Increase Profit: A Guide to Adding Financial Planning to Your Tax Practice. It's time to Burn the time Sheet.

Time: Tuesday 2:15pm - 3:05pm Credits: 1 TB

Shawn J. McCabe, CPAlliance Director, CPS Investment Advisors

Learn how serving your existing clients as a financial planner and investment advisor will increase your profit, diversify your business, balance your workload, create long lasting and engaging relationships with your best clients, and improve your overall value.



Time: Tuesday 3:05pm - 3:25pm

Accounting for Cannabis

Time: Tuesday 3:25pm - 4:15pm Credits: 1 AA

Stacey D. Udell, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, Director, and Christopher Marrie, Principal, HBK Professionals and Consultants

While built on the same fundamentals, accounting for the cannabis industry is different because it is Federally illegal. From a tax standpoint, clients have to contend with IRC Section 280E and the inability to deduct ordinary and necessary G&A expenses most businesses incur and deduct. From an audit perspective, cash and inventory controls are important because banking services are limited, inventory has significant value and can be complex to audit, and clients have to comply with state regulations. Cost accounting is important to maximize the deductibility of costs of sales as well as prepare credible financial statements with accurate profit margins and should not be overlooked.

Panel: Utilizing Current Tax Strategies to Generate Revenue and Solidify Your Value as a Trusted Advisor

Time: Tuesday 3:25pm - 4:15pm Credits: 1 TB

Details to come!


Time: Tuesday 4:15pm - 4:20pm

Keynote Presentation: Current Trends in Fraud: Including COVID 19 and Business E-Mail Compromise (BEC)

Time: Tuesday 4:20pm - 5:10pm Credits: 1 AA

Keith Givens, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Explore the most current and prevalent frauds being committed by fraudsters, to include frauds related to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Business E-mail Compromise (BEC)/E-mail Account Compromise (EAC).  Learn descriptions of how the frauds are being committed and what accountants can do to reduce/minimize the chance of individuals or businesses being victimized by the various fraud being committed in the current/pandemic environment.



Time: Tuesday 5:10pm - 6:30pm

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Early Riser - TBD

Time: Wednesday 7:00am - 7:50am Credits: 1 TB

Details to come!

Opening Remarks

Time: Wednesday 8:00am - 8:10am

Keynote Presentation: The Need to Succeed

Time: Wednesday 8:10am - 9:00am Credits: 1 TB

Scott Price, CEO, A-LIGN

Using his two decades of accounting, technology and risk advisory experience, Scott Price founded A-LIGN in 2009 with the goal of offering a single-provider approach to security and compliance solutions with unparalleled service from leading industry experts. Building the company to a multi-million-dollar global business is no easy feat, but Scott’s unwavering commitment to the community, the business, people at A-LIGN, and mission of helping organizations build trust through mitigating cyber risks have allowed him to grow A-LIGN's recognition as a unique leader in the industry.  Having survived – and thrived – through both a recession and global pandemic speaks to Scott’s ability to lead with principled goals and innovative solutions. Join this session and hear firsthand how Scott’s personal success as a well-respected entrepreneur, community leader, and innovator have helped him build A-LIGN to what it is today and leave a lasting impact for others to follow.  


Florida Tax Watch: Legislative Overview

Time: Wednesday 9:05am - 9:55am Credits: 1 TB

Dominic M. Calabro, President and CEO, Florida Tax Watch

Learn about the Florida Tax Watch's mission and how the group has impacted the Florida Legislature.


The Old Ways of Doing Business Don't Meet Today's Cybersecurity Challenges

Time: Wednesday 9:05am - 9:55am Credits: 1 TB

Christophe Reglat, President and CEO, Coaxis International

Today’s cybersecurity threats are increasing in new and different ways due to remote work gaining traction as a viable workplace alternative, more sophisticated forms of social engineering, and firms who are not adapting to protect their IT infrastructures from these new vulnerabilities. To meet these and future challenges, CPA firms need to ensure they have the right infrastructure to perform at the highest level of security necessary to maintain their business continuity needs.  Learn about the yop cybersecurity threats facing CPA firms today and how to adapt your IT infrastructure to protect it from these new vulnerabilities.

Networking Break-Solution Center

Time: Wednesday 9:55am - 10:05am


Time: Wednesday 10:15am - 11:05am Credits: 1 TB

Details to come!


Time: Wednesday 10:15am - 11:05am

Designing Anti-Fraud Tests That (Actually) Work

Time: Wednesday 11:10am - 12:00pm Credits: 1 AA

Matt Storlie, CFE, CIDA, Manager, Forensic & Litigation Services, Wipfli LLP

While many organizations try to use data analytics to monitor internal controls and identify fraud, they are often unable to deliver meaningful results.  This session focuses on how to use data analytic tools for fraud detection using data correlation and taking a risk-based approach.  Attendees will learn how to leverage risk-based data analytics to design anti-fraud tests and ultimately utilize them to tell a story that is both compelling and insightful. Attendees will

  • Understand historical data analytic methodologies, techniques, and shortcomings
  • Develop risk-based anti-fraud tests using data analytic tools and data correlation
  • Apply a risk-based approach to data analytics to benefit your organization



Time: Wednesday 11:10am - 12:00pm

Details to come!


Time: Wednesday 12:00pm - 1:20pm

Panel: Diversity and Inclusion

Time: Wednesday 1:20pm - 2:10pm Credits: 1 TB

Details to come!

An Open Forum to Peer Review with Updates on Peer Review Findings and Standards

Time: Wednesday 1:20pm - 2:10pm Credits: 1 AA

Paul N. Brown, CPA, CGMA, Director of Technical Services, Florida Institute of CPAs

This will be an interactive session focusing on questions from the attendees on the status of peer review in the state of Florida, FAQs from the AICPA, and recent updates to findings within the program and new standards.

Attendees: If you plan on attending this session please submit your questions by November 1, 2021 to


Fiduciary Accounting

Time: Wednesday 2:15pm - 3:05pm Credits: 1 AA

Details to come!

Mergers and Acquisions: Current Trends for CPA Firms

Time: Wednesday 2:15pm - 3:05pm Credits: 1 AA

Cindy Ragan, President, Ragan & Associates, PA

Explore post COVID changes in the CPA firm M & A market.  Review valuation trends regarding clients, services, staff and fees. Understand transaction trends with respect to risk, terms, financing, non-competes, and seller compensation.



Time: Wednesday 3:05pm - 3:15pm


Time: Wednesday 3:15pm - 4:05pm Credits: 1 AA

Details to come!

The Future of Accounting: What's in Your Wallet?

Time: Wednesday 3:15pm - 4:05pm Credits: 1 TB

David Bergstein, CPA, CITP, CGMA, Chief Innovation Officer, Bergstein CPA

Learn the latest in digital transformation, and the tools and apps that accountants should be utilizing as the profession transitions from a compliance to an advisory world. Gain understanding of what a "Core Platform" is and the many choices available. Explore a variety of new Automation and AI tools that have become available to automate practices.


Keynote Presentation

Time: Wednesday 4:10pm - 5:00pm Credits: 1 TB

Details to come!


  • Navigate the latest on tax issues including multi-state credits and incentives
  • Understand accounting for investments including bitcoin and cryptocurrancy
  • Explore cybersecurity issues in various environments
  • Learn how to benefit from data analytics and AI
  • Discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in the profession
  • Examine accounting for cannabis in Florida
  • and much more!



  • David Bergstein, CPA, CITP, CGMA

    David Bergstein is the Chief Innovation Officer for Bergstein CPA.  David has been a practicing accountant since 1966.  Prior to establishing his own firm, David belonged to Intuit’s Accountant Segment and is a thought-leader in technology issues.  Accounting Today listed him as one of their Top 100 Most Influential People within the accounting profession in both 2015 and 2017.  Val Steed, CEO at...

    Read more about David Bergstein here
  • Karen Ann Lake, CPA

    Karen Lake CPA is Associate Director of Tax Services at Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors and Accountants.  For nearly 20 years, Karen has placed her focus on helping businesses and individuals develop their tax structures. Through reducing their state tax risk, improving cash flow and obtaining federal and state credits and incentives, Karen is successful at resolving tax controversies in a...

    Read more about Karen Ann Lake here
  • Michael Cheng, CPA

    National Professional Practice PartnerFrazier & DeeterMike Cheng joined Frazier & Deeter in 2019 as the Partner who oversees the firm’s professional practices related to accounting and audit. As part of his role, Mike specializes in assisting clients with complex accounting and financial reporting issues.Prior to joining Frazier & Deeter, Mike was a Senior Project Manager at the Financial...

    Read more about Michael Cheng here
  • Paul N Brown, CPA, CGMA

    Director of Technical ServicesFlorida Institute of Certified Public AccountantsPaul Brown joined the FICPA in November 1992 and is the Director of Technical Services for the Florida Institute of CPAs (FICPA). One of Paul’s main duties is to serve as the technical reviewer in Florida for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Peer Review Program.  The program administers...

    Read more about Paul N Brown here
  • Keith Givens, CPA

    Supervisory Special AgentFederal Bureau of Investigation  • SSA Givens has been with the FBI over 20 years.• He is a CPA• He has worked most white collar crime violations in the field and FBI headquarters, to include:     • Securities Fraud     • Financial Institution Fraud     • Mass Marketing Fraud     • HealthCare Fraud     • and Public Corruption• He has worked in both large and small field...

    Read more about Keith Givens here
  • Scott George Price, CIA,CISA,CPA

    Price is the managing director of A-lign, a national provider of regulatory and compliance services. Price, who joined the FICPA in 1998, is serving his tenth term on the Board of Governors. He was the 2012-2013 FICPA Chair and has held chair and vice chair positions on several committees and has served on a number of sections and task forces. Nationally, Price is an elected member of the AICPA...

    Read more about Scott George Price here
  • Cindy Ragan, CVA, MA

    Founder/PresidentStrategic Alliance M&A Advisors, LLCCindy Ragan is the founder and President of Strategic Alliance M&A Advisors, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in the mergers and acquisitions of accounting firms for over 20 years.. She has a Masters Degree from George Washington University in International Economics and is also a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) from the National...

    Read more about Cindy Ragan here
  • Dominic Calabro

    Dominic M. Calabro is President and Chief Executive Officer of Florida TaxWatch, a statewide, non-profit, non-partisan government watchdog and research center for taxpayers. Florida TaxWatch was founded in 1979 to improve government productivity, taxpayer value, and citizen understanding and encouraging responsible participation by Floridians in their state and local governments. This is...

    Read more about Dominic Calabro here
  • Alex Jenkins

    Vice President, Business Development, CPFANestEggsAlex Jenkins joined NestEggs as we rounded out our second-generation leadership team and has been tasked with all things business development. He is a Jacksonville native and a graduate of the University of Florida with strong roots in the community. Alex brings seven years of experience from the Medical Device Industry where he sold at the...

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  • Kadian C Douglas

    Read more about Kadian C Douglas here
  • Shawn J McCabe

    Read more about Shawn J McCabe here
  • Erika Segal

    Read more about Erika Segal here

Major Topics:

  • Tax issues
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Governmental updates
  • Cybersecurity
  • Economics
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Peer review
  • and much more!

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