The Engagement Trifecta - Beat the Odds and Create a Winning Workplace Culture

Tuesday, July 20, 2021
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10:00AM - 11:02AM (opens at 9:30 AM) EST

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Course Type: Webcast
Course Code: 21/AC159987
Level: Intermediate
Vendor: ACPEN
Field of Study: Personal Development


How do you engage a workforce that is diverse in culture and location?
Julie Ann’s unique perspective brings you strategic ideas to implement regarding the relationship between intention, purpose and closure in the workday. This trifecta can be utilized with every member in your organization to boost engagement, productivity and retention. 


  • How to increase your productivity and focus
  • Emphasize the strong role leadership plays in emulating behaviors for success
  • Understand the importance of purpose
  • Discover habits that enhance and destroy a workplace environment Acquire specific methodologies to implement immediately 

Major Topics:

  • The importance of finding commonalities amongst a diverse workforce
  • How to set intentions as you start your day and its affect on your work
  • The power of influence
  • Workplace behaviors that set the tone in your workplace
  • Strategies to close out your day and the impact going forward

Designed For:

Useful for every member in an organization