Advocacy at work for you.

Your donation to the Florida CPA/PAC goes towards electing candidates who know the issues that matter to CPAs, and educating those in elected office about why our profession matters. We make sure that CPAs’ voices are represented in the state house, as well as in the halls of local governments across Florida.

The candidates we support recognize the value that CPAs contribute to the public & the economy.

Who runs the CPA/PAC?

Its responsibilities and activities, with the exception of its day-to-day administration, are directed by a Board of Directors. Directors are geographically disbursed and politically balanced between Republicans and Democrats. All directors must be members of the Florida CPA/PAC and must be committed to analyzing candidates and promoting the Florida CPA/PAC. The directors must be sustaining members and serve without compensation.

What does the CPA/PAC do?

The objective of the Florida CPA/PAC is to help protect the trust, confidence, and esteem the CPA certificate holds in the public’s eye. Voluntary contributions to the Florida CPA/PAC will be used to support candidates running for the Florida House, Florida Senate, and Florida Cabinet who will be educated and able to make a difference in Tallahassee when bad public policy is proposed.

Making an Impact for Florida's Businesses

The Florida CPA/PAC is a completely separate entity from the FICPA, supported solely by the voluntary contributions of members of the FICPA and others. The Florida CPA/PAC is registered as a corporation with the Florida Division of Corporations and as a Political Committee with the Division of Elections within the Florida Department of State.

In 2001, the Florida CPA/PAC was separated into three geographic regions. Each chapter is “nested” into one of the three regions. Members are assigned to one of the three regional CPA/PACs based on geographic location:

North (11 chapters)
Central (9 chapters)
South (includes 7 chapters)


For more information, contact the FICPA's Governmental Affairs Department.

Governmental Affairs Department
(850) 224-2727