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FICPA: Your Source for CPE

FICPA offers hundreds of in-person CPE events across the state. We provide convenient, valuable and high-quality CPE programs. Go Forth and Learn!


  • Image: Gabriel-Maroun T. Shibly, CPA, CGMA

    The FICPA has great individuals who volunteer to create great things. The FICPA is a resource to the entire state in all that it has to offer. I recommend that all young CPAs become involved because there is so much they have to offer.

    Gabriel-Maroun T. Shibly, CPA, CGMA

    Orlando City Soccer Club

  • Image: Brandon S. Perry

    There is no better way to support the future of our profession than to support the Foundation that provides scholarships for deserving students to continue their path toward becoming a CPA. The future of the profession will be in the hands of these students.

    Brandon S. Perry

    Raposa Perry Young, LLC

  • Image: Joseph A. Epstein, CPA,CGMA

    The FICPA is our eyes and ears in Tallahassee. Our governmental affairs team is on top of all legislation, and potential legislation, that may affect us. Without the FICPA, no one would be monitoring these issues on our behalf. This is a never-ending process

    Joseph A. Epstein, CPA,CGMA

  • Image: David L. Dennis

    I've had the opportunity to work with Paul Brown, Director of Technical Services at the FICPA, and learn more about peer review as the Board of Accountancy implements the statutory requirement provision. I am grateful for Paul's insight and willingness to help me learn.

    David L. Dennis

  • Image: Jeffrey E. Barbacci

    The benefit gained from volunteering with the FICPA far outweighs the time commitment. Regardless of their age or career stage, every CPA should consider volunteering.

    Jeffrey E. Barbacci

  • Image: Michael I. Bloom

    I am honored to have served on the Board of Trustees of the FICPA Educational Foundation. My most rewarding experience has been seeing the smiling faces of the scholarship recipients and their expression of gratitude.

    Michael I. Bloom

    Michael I. Bloom, CPA, PA

  • Image: Eduardo Duarte

    With the FICPA and their insightful ideas, we should welcome all members to facilitate the Institute’s ongoing success.


    Eduardo Duarte

    Foreign Parts Distributors, Inc

  • Image: Marshall D. Gunn Jr

    Through the FICPA, I've discovered CPAs who are outstanding sources of knowledge, and who send me referrals when my knowledge is useful. These relationships, resources and networking opportunities have made my experiences fun and rewarding.

    Marshall D. Gunn Jr

    GunnChamberlain, PL

  • Image: Bethany B. Carr

    Protecting the CPA franchise is of utmost importance. Our governmental affairs team is excellent, but they could be far more effective if we, as members, were more active in advocacy and having our voices heard.

  • Image: Kenneth J. Strauss

    In the public sector, you’re encouraged very early in your career to get involved with some sort of club or cause. You have to build a client base, which necessitates getting out in the community. FICPA volunteerism is a great way to do that.

  • Image: Kathleen T. Masterson, MBA, CKM

    I encourage all Florida CPAs to become members. Then, pick a committee that meets your field of expertise and area of interest. While we are all very busy, it's gratifying to see the positive impacts we can each make on our chosen profession.

    Kathleen T. Masterson, MBA, CKM

    Flagler College

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