Import, Arrange and Present Graphics in Word 2007/10

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Despite Microsoft’s attempts to make inserting and manipulating graphic images in Word documents easier, many people still find it a rather daunting experience, especially the part where you try to make your image sit in your document where you want it.

This is especially true for Mac users who find it difficult to understand why Microsoft puts PC users through so much work to accomplish the same things they do so easily on their Apple platform. The best way around this problem is to follow a simple regimen for most of your graphics and only vary from it if a situation warrants.

The simplest and best approach is to first create a test document with plenty of dummy text in it.

Note: It’s almost always best to add your text, then the graphics, rather than the other way around because it just works easier in Word.

Dummy Test Document

Next, go to a place in the document where you’d like to insert a graphic image by clicking on it. That makes it your current position.

Note: Graphic images can be photographs, cartoons, avatars; pretty much anything saved in a graphics format (e.g. .jpg, .png, etc.)

For this example, we’re going to place an image in the place where we’ve left room for it.

Dummy Test Document With Arrow

To make this happen, click on the Insert menu choice on the main ribbon, then click on the Picture icon.

Picture Icon

Next, use the file manager to find the graphic you’d like to place; double click on it, or highlight it and then click Insert.

Note: You can also copy graphic images from other documents, the web etc., then just paste them into your document where you want them.

The graphic will appear in your document at the insertion point, but odds are, it won’t be the right size or in the right place; to fix that, click once on your image with your right mouse button, then click Text Wrapping, or Wrap Text, depending on your version of Word, and then choose Tight.

Wrap Text Tight

Choosing Tight will allow you to place your image pretty much anywhere in your document you like.

Next, grab one of the corner handles and size your document.

Image Sized

Then, click on the image with your left mouse button and hold it down while you move it to where your want your graphic placed in your document.

Image Sized and Placed

Next, double click on the image to bring up the Picture Tools ribbon. Note the preformatted picture styles in the center of the ribbon and the down arrows for accessing more choices below.

Picture Tools Menu

Choose the one that best suits your taste.

After Preformatted Style

Then, once again move or size your image, if need be, to where it looks best.

And that’s pretty much it. Sure, you can try all those formatting options under the Picture Tools menu, if you have time and patience, but if you just want to grab a graphic and make it work in your document, this is the easiest way to go.

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