How to Automatically Record Skype Calls

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Since Skype’s inception in 2003, it has become one of the most popular VOIP software applications.

As of 2009, the total Skype users worldwide reached more than 500 million. Currently, it has approximately 13 percent market share of all dialed international calls — surpassing several big names in the industry.

Skype is a great way of calling people from all over the world. However, it lacks the call-record feature. One way to utilize this feature is to use the MP3 Skype Recorder program.

This software can automatically record all your incoming and outgoing Skype calls. The output audio’s format is MP3, so it’s easy to listen and share the recorded call. You can use it as a podcast or as an instructional audio.

Moreover, this application is very comprehensive and versatile in nature. First, you can disable the automatic recording and place the call-record feature on manual instead. Second, it can also record all calls in a Skype Conference.

Third, it works in the background without the usual main interface cluttering your computer screen. And last, but not the least, MP3 Skype Recorder can record both active and on-hold calls at the same time.

You can download this tool for free at

download button

Select Open with and click the OK button.

open with

The next step is to unzip or extract the zip file.

extract zip file

You can either open the Windows MSI file or the EXE file. Both will start the program’s installer.

installer files

Select where you want to install the program and press Next >.

installation folder

When the installation is complete, press the Close button.

installation complete

Upon launching the program, Skype will prompt you with the Useful tip window. It will ask you to confirm whether or not you will allow or deny MP3 Skype Recorder to use Skype. To proceed, click Allow access.

allow access

This is the software’s primary interface.  After the installation is finished, the program will turn on the recording feature.

program connected to skype

If the recording tool is off, you can turn it on by clicking this button.

turn on recording

This is the Turn off recording button.

turn off recording

To open the Records Folder, just press the button below. Your default media player will play your chosen recorded call.

open records folder

To change the default storage folder for all recorded calls, press the Browse Folder button (squared in red).

browse folder

You can also vary the audio’s quality by ticking one of the Recording modes.

recording mode

The Recording BitRate can also be altered to suit your preference.

recording bitrate

MP3 Skype Recorder’s primary interface can be closed. This way, the program will run in the background without filling up your taskbar or your computer screen.

tray icon

The program’s tray icon is a convenient way to reach two of the software’s most important functions — turning the recording on and off .

rightclick menu

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