Copy a USB Drive's Contents to Your Hard Drive Automatically

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Almost everyone has a USB storage drive these days. Many of us carry multiple USB drives on our key chains. The convenient portability of these drives makes them a must-have for anyone who uses multiple computers.

USBFlashCopy is a piece of software designed to make using our beloved USB drivers more convenient. Instead of copying files and folders from our USB drives to our hard drives individually, USBFlashCopy automatically copies everything on our USB drives to our hard drive without even a click of the mouse.

usb fllash copy

USBFlashDrive is a quick, 300 KB download from


By default, the program does not start when Windows starts. Thus, to make the USB drive downloading truly automatic, we must change this setting. From the start menu, open the program.

At the bottom left of the program's first window, choose one of the startup options next to Run on Windows startup. The For All Users option is the best selection for truly automatic downloading.

run on startup

Among the other settings in this control panel is the option to select which drive letters should automatically download. Click Media Drives to open the menu.

media drives

Drive letters from A: to Z: are listed with A: and B: automatically skipped from automatic downloading. Use the drop down menu next to each letter to decide which drive letters should download automatically, and which should skip. Click OK when finished.


Now you are ready to plug in your USB drive. The first time you plug in a new drive, USBFlashCopy will ask you what to do with this drive. Click Create a New Profile to set options for download the drive's contents.

create profile

While there are many profile options, the most important on the list is the Destination Path. Choose a place on your hard drive for storing USB drive backups. If all other options look OK, click OK to finish the profile.

profile options

A status window will display showing the backup's progress. From now on, every time you plug in the USB drive, it will automatically download.

status window

USBFlashDrive automates the backup process very well. If the status window is distracting, you may purchase a key for $39.95. This price seems very steep to just remove a status window, but the status window is immovable—making it impossible to see the right hand corner of the screen while downloading occurs.

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