Turn Caps Lock Text back to Normal in MS Word

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If we are multi-tasking and watching television or Hula-hooping while typing, it is completely possible we will type long strings of text before we realize our mistake.

Rather than retyping the all-caps text, Word has a built-in option to fix the problem. This is so simple you will wonder why you have never used it before now. Follow these easy steps.

First, highlight the text you typed in all caps.


Click Shift + F3. Seriously, that is it! Your text will magically transform to lowercase.

lower case

Now that you have the text in all lowercase, simply click Shift + F3 a second time and the sentence magically turns into sentence case.

Sentence case

Clicking Shift + F3 a third time reverts the text back to all uppercase. If you ever need to use text in all uppercase, click Shift + F3 until the text appears in all uppercase.

Bonus tip: Click Ctrl + Shift + K and your text will revert to small caps. Small caps make great headings in documents.

Small caps

The amount of shortcuts built into Word can be overwhelming, but some of them are very useful. These can certainly save us all a few wasted hours spent re-typing documents.

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