Local Suggestions for Google Maps

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Google Maps is trying to make it easier to find your desired location right around the block.

On Thursday, Google enhanced local search auto suggestions for Google Maps to more parts of the world. When you type in a restaurant or business name along with city name, the auto-complete suggestion will offer the list of places based on the location.

For example, if you type in 'Starbucks' and 'Kuala Lumpur', the list of Starbucks restaurant in Kuala Lumpur citywide will show up. Or if your map is currently pointing to your neighborhood and you type 'Starbucks', suggestion for the closest Starbucks restaurants pop up.

Googe Maps

For those who already signed in to their Google account, Google Maps will keep track of your activity and display suggestion from past searches.

This new features is now available in most country and available in eight languages.